Friday, August 03, 2007

An Insanely Long List Of Things You Probably Didn't Want To Know About Me

My friend, Kyla, tagged me on this list. It's a list of 100 things about me, and I have to tell you, I'm a little unsure if I can think of 100 things about myself that are not only interesting, but that I'm okay with everyone on the planet knowing.

Here's hoping.

(By the way, if you don't want to read this, don't feel obligated by social pressure or by being my friend. I understand, it's a dang long list.)

1. My maiden name was Grile.

2. If I could have any plastic surgery (without paying for it, with no risk of dying or getting hurt, etc.) I would get a tummy tuck, a "top" lift and butt implants. I have no heiny and I'm tired of my pants falling down.

3. I have one brother and two sisters in law.

4. I have 2 nieces and one nephew.

5. Dave & I both have an Aunt Cheryl.

6. Our aunts and uncles all have alliterative names: Dana, Darren, Don, Doug, Darryl, Cheryl, Cheryl, Susan & Steve.

7. Most of the rest of our family does, too: Don (Sr), Don (III), David (Sr), David (Jr), David (III), Doug (Jr), Dean, Sarah, Cynthia, Sierra, Karen, Kristen, Colleen, and some other cousins from Dave's side that I don't remember.

8. I bite my nails.

9. I have spent part of every year from 2003 - 2006 pregnant.

10. I am thinking that I'm going to cut my hair even shorter.

11. I'm going to Chicago in a week!

12. I have 11 first cousins, and I'm the oldest on both sides.

13. I was born on September 4, 1981

14. My dad and I have the same birthday.

15. I was hoping Tot would, too, but hers is September 15.

16. My parents almost named me Courtney. Can anyone even imagine that?

17. I have short, stubby toes.

18. I have a long neck that once won a relay race for me at a junior high lock in.

19. I am a compulsive bedspread changer.

20. I love to organize and do so often.

21. My pantry has labels in it.

22. So do some of my cabinets.

23. I adore my home, it has wood paneling in the living room.

24. I like to decorate, but I'm not very good at it.

25. I majored in History and minored in Political Science.

26. My favorite class was Western Political Thought with Dr Mark Elrod

27. I love to file things.

28. I hate to cook when I am rushed.

29. I love to cook when I have time to experiment.

30. I baked cookies almost nightly for the first year of our marriage.

31. I gained 15 pounds the first year of our marriage.

32. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Kitchen Aid mixer.

33. I was baptized on August 15, 1995.

34. I have lived in seven states (Indiana, Arkansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee & Texas).

35. I've been married to the most delightfully good looking man for over 5 years.

36. We plan to get matching tattoos.

37. I have my nose pierced.

38. And yes, blowing my nose is problematic.

39. I collect things with my name on them.

40. I love to read and have read over 20 books in a week once.

41. If you talk to me while I'm reading I won't hear you.

42. My favorite color is green and it is almost every room of our house.

43. I love to go on walks with my family.

44. My first date with David was on a motorcycle.

45. My first real date with David we saw fireworks.

46. I still love to color.

47. Dave & I have three pairs of matching flip flops, countless pairs of matching shirts, and I try to match him when he's not looking to irritate him. Strong.

48. My second favorite color is pink, which must have just happened lately because I used to hate it.

49. I was on the debate team in high school.

50. I started college at 16.

51. I am the most non athletic person you can imagine.

52. I bruise easily.

53. I can quote from Friends like a beast.

54. I live TV way too much.

55. My middle name is Dawn.

56. My mom and I have the same middle name, and Tot has it, too.

57. I still laugh at potty humour.

58. On Monday I changed 10 dirty diapers.

59. I buy chick flicks on VHS so I can buy more of them.

60. I go through periods of being addicted to Ebay.

61. I love "your mom" jokes.

62. I can not drink more than half of a wine cooler without my cheeks flaming red and getting really tired. It's pathetic.

63. Therefore, I almost never drink alcohol.

64. I love cigars. Dave loves them more.

65. I am a Daughter of the Republic of Texas. Seriously. Also, A Daughter of the Confederacy and a Daughter of the American Revolution (My Grandmama is HUGE into genealogy).

66. I can trace (er, my grandmama can trace) our family tree back to 868 A.D. No lie.

67. When Dave & I have grandchildren we want to be called Peaches & Poppy.

68. I love cake.

69. When I was pregnant with Little David I ate a Hershey's big bar (the half pound kind) almost every night. Every other night I had a frosty. I only gained 19 pounds with him and I wish that kind of magic still worked.

70. With Tot I craved Hot Wings and gained 40 pounds. Go figure.

71. I am a connesiur of frozen pizzas.

72. I love to window shop.

73. I have recently learned to love clothes shopping.

74. I am surprised at how hard this is.

75. I love new school supplies.

76. I also love new make up.

77. I have given birth both with and without an epidural.

78. I much prefer the epidural.

79. My favorite cd to relax to is Chris Rice's The Living Room Sessions. Instrumental versions of old hymns. Gorgeous.

80. The next place I want to go on vacation is Mackinac Island, Michigan.

81. It's a 20+ hour drive so I don't think Dave is going to go for it.

82. Dave & I plan to take the kids to Disney World when Little David is 5.

83. Dave & I also plan on going to South America for our 10th anniversary.

84. These trips coincide and I'm not sure how we're going to work that out.

85. I love high heels.

86. I fall in them, though.

87. My favorite verse is "For God did not create in us a spirit of timidity, but one of Love, Power & Self Discipline." 2 Tim. 1:7

88. I am a FlyBaby.

89. I always thought it would be neat to be Amish.

90. But I like the Internet too much.

91. I am more like my Mom every day.

92. It's not a bad thing.

93. It kind of freaks out Dave, though.

94. I have a freakish love for McDonald's, no matter how bad it is for me.

95. I have recently become a very uninformed bird watcher.

96. I kept daily journals from about 6th grade until my freshman year of college. They are exquisitely embarrassing.

97. Dave's & my dream house includes a double decker wrap around porch, lots of land, and a walking trail nearby.

98. I wear one sock during the day because one of my feet is super dry. I call him Trolly.

99. When I was pregnant the other foot swoll up and I called it Swolly.

100. Now that I am done, I think that I will go to Starbucks and get a Peppermint Java Chip Frappachino. My favorite.

I tag Sarah (who's already done it), Cheryl, Tiffany, Mom, & April.


Nicole McIntyre said...

Delightfully informative.

No joke, the security word for this comment is pimpzin. Hee hee.

Sarah said...

I love #47. It seriously made me laugh out loud! I may have to consider that for the future...

LBC said...

#11! I'm soooooo excited!

Kyla said...

Thanks for doing this!! I love it and it cracked me up. I also had a Java chip peppermint frap today. So not on my diet but I am starting again Monday!!

The Queen said...

Crap. I hate these things... why did you tag me? Now I feeled compelled to answer. ugh.