Thursday, September 27, 2007

EEK!!! Fall TV is HERE!!!

The Office ONE HOUR season premier is TONIGHT!! How am I ever going to make it until then?? For the rest of you Office fans, what are you hoping to see tonight? A little Jam? A little Dwangela?

And as if that wasn't enough, Grey's Anatomy is also premiering as well as CSI and My Name Is Earl. My DVR doesn't have enough space! Ack!

I haven't quite decided if I'm going to be a regular Grey's watcher this year. I didn't watch the first two seasons and only started to watch a few shows into the third one. And I loved it up until George and Izzie. That just made me mad and irritated. Also, Meredith is emotionally stunted. And that's irritating, too. So I haven't decided if McDreamy & McSteamy's crazy cuteness outweighs all the other junk.

I don't know...McSteamy is pretty darn good lookin'. Not quite as hot as my David, but close.


The Sheets said...

I'm super excited about The Office!!! And my jury is still out on Grey's as well. It's like the writers got stupid for the end of the season. They've got a lot to prove.

I LOVE premiere week!!!

TV rocks. (does that make me shallow?)

Classic MaMa said...

McDwight. That's where I'll be. To celebrate, I bought an "I [heart] Jim" mug at Target yesterday for a dollar. What a steal.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I am SO getting one of those at Target today!!!!

The Aubrinator said...

My friends here at work bought $20 worth of Office stuff at the Target dollar section last night. Ahh. To be young and single and not have a baby to diaper!

My Grey's love is very tentative these days, too. But I watch CSI at work

Emily said...

I love the fall line up! With Psych and Monk ended until January, I was about ready to go crazy. We're Survivor, The Office, Heroes, Lost, Amazing Race & Beauty and the Geek junkies. Unfortunately, Lost and Amazing Race (our family favorite) are out until January, from what I hear. But, the rest will tide me over.

Jen said...

I am a avid Grey's fan, but I love your comment about McSteamy and McDreamy. I never liked McDreamy.