Monday, September 24, 2007

Is It Fall Yet??

Okay, so with all the stores putting out their fall clothes (oh, the sweaters and coats!) and the fall home decorations, is it any wonder that I am now totally geeked for fall to be here??

Alas, the great state of Texas doesn't get to Fall until November or so, so I have awhile to wait. Until then, I am doing a few things to prepare for my favorite of all seasons:

1. Fast & Furious Fall Cleaning. I know, I'm a total dweeb, but still. There's something to be said for starting a season with a fresh slate. Clothes in their places, corners cleaned, closets straightened and everything having a place and being in it. I'm starting this weekend with a particular challenge: The Master Bedroom. Dave will be on a trip, so my plan is to try to totally transform the place while he's gone. I'm cleaning it from top to bottom, moving things around and decluttering like a madwoman. The rest of the week I'll be working on the closets. Do pray for me.

2. Fall Decorations!!!! This is by far my favorite part, because I a few years ago I got the most insanely good deals on fall stuff and I bought it all :). So, now I have cute little pumpkins for my house, little centerpieces, pillows and throws. It all ties together to make me feel like Fall really is here, despite the 80 degree weather that Texas boasts most of the time. I think that I'll put this stuff up on Sunday, even though it isn't technically October, so that the pretty-ness will be out for the first day of the month.

3. Cold Weather Preparation. This is where my inner dweeb just has a field day, and I really need a list inside this list to give it justice.

~ I have already started making lists of what the kids will need, clothing wise, for winter weather. Tot only needs a few things, thanks to some insanely awesome hand-me-downs we just got, but Little David needs pretty much everything. So I have a list of all the pants, coats, etc. that we'll need and as I shop for other things, if I spot a deal I can strike viciously.

~ After I hunt and gather clothing, I then start taking stock of our match and candle situation. While we don't have much severe weather, a gal likes to be prepared. Also, they add a certain ambiance that I really dig.

~ Next is the fire logs and stock of S'mores supplies. I try to keep graham crackers and marshmallows on hand through fall and winter because nothing makes a night like a good ole smore. I can't, however, keep the chocolate on hand because it would never make it through the week, let alone an entire season.

~ Then we have the bedding situation. Since summers here are so amazingly hot, we go pretty light on the pj's and blankets. But come winter, my favorite game is "How low can I get the heating bill this month" (for some reason I don't play this game with the A/C...), and so we stock the kids rooms with cozy, warm blankets and long sleeved pajamas. Dave and I switch our sheets to flannel, our quilt for a down comforter, and Dave breaks out the pajama pants as opposed to shorts. I'm thinking that this year I may even get a quilt rack for the living room to hold our blankets.

4. Holiday Preparation!!! Actually, this may tie for my favorite part because there is nothing your Unsinkable likes better than holidays. No matter the occasion (see: Talk Like A Pirate Day), I love to celebrate and make the day fun. Being as this time of year is chock full of holidays, you can bet I'm having a pretty great time. I get to start deciding what we'll all be for Halloween (so far, Tot will be a princess and Dave & Little Dave will be rednecks with matching mullets...sigh), gathering candy to hand out, making fun crafts with Tot, visiting the store displays, and planning for Thanksgiving travels to Missouri. And best of all, this year Tot is old enough to know what's going on and I am majorly geeked to guide another generation towards the full holiday experience.

5. And lastly, the Activities. What is Fall, after all, without a trip to the pumpkin patch, picking out home grown produce, raking leaves (err..maybe not my favorite), going Trick or Treating, carving pumpkins, baking cookies and pies, watching It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and driving around to see the leaves changing color?

The Chapman family will certainly be getting their full of Fall this year.


Jill said...

Hey. I don't know what originally drew me to your blog a while back, but I have you in my google reader. Just want to say that we live in FL and I am right there with you on the whole fall thing. I just went shopping today for some fall additions to my wardrobe. It's kind of funny really. I mean I have this inner urge to wear fall clothes, but yet it is still 85 degrees here. In fact, I was thinking today how I was ready to store all my spring/summery colored clothing! And i definitely want to get my decorations out this week too!

Samantha said...

Hey Kristen thanks for reminding me that the seasons will be changing and I need to take some time to enjoy them with my kids. Sometimes life gets a little crazy and I fail to realize what happening around me. I am also planning a trip to the pumpkin patch and I want to try some of these apple donuts I keep hearing about.

Anonymous said...

Go Kristen! What an inspiration to get moving!!


Cat said...

I've never been much on decorating for anything other than Christmas, but you make it sound so fun I think I just might have to try it. Plus, Luke would love to help I'm sure.

Thanks for the inspiration.

The Queen said...

Hey babe...I'm right there with ya. It's 54 degrees here and my leaves at the treehouse are beginning to change. I can see some red leaves!!! I am going to fix some hot stew, some fresh bread, light my candles and wrap in my quilt and enjoy the leaves! I may even take a little drive to see if the other leaves have changed. Let's plan to go to the Feast next year, ok? It's the quintessential fall activity...the smells, the food, the smells, the food... are you seeing a pattern here? Fall is the best.