Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WFMW: Breakfast

I've never been a big breakfast eater. Mostly because I've always been a multiple snooze button pusher, and then never really had the time to eat because I was racing around trying not to be late. I'm pretty sure I didn't eat breakfast the entire time I was in college come to think of it. This habit has stayed with me since then, and it's still pretty rare that I eat breakfast unless I have something very, very handy to eat. My kids, however, don't agree.

My kids are definite breakfast eaters. They will have none of this mid morning snack thing and they want it the minute they wake up or else they'll pay me back with insane crabbiness. This, combined with my utter lack of breakfast sophistication, means I spend most mornings trying to think of something for them to eat because I've forgotten yet again to buy any specific breakfast items. Sometimes I do okay, sometimes they eat goldfish crackers and bananas.

But not this week. No, this week I have finally found What Works For Me. For Tot's birthday two weeks ago, we took her to IHOP for breakfast. She loves going out and eating and loves breakfast, so we thought we'd make a family outing out of it. We had a great time, and as I watched my kids inhale pancakes, I figured I could make a go out of it. So during my grocery shopping, I picked up some pancake mix and some precooked breakfast sausages.


Did you know how easy making pancakes is? I sure didn't! All youhave to do is add some water to the mix, stir, and then heat them up in a pan. SO EASY. Since I hate the things regardless of how easy they are to make, I never want them myself, but good heavens my kids can put them back. I don't give them syrup (like they need the extra sugar), and they still adore them. However, I'm not a fan of making a batch every morning and then having to clean up everything.

And this is where I found What Works For Me. What Works For Me this Wednesday, is making HUGE batches of pancakes on monday morning and refrigerating them all week. Then each morning, I just take a few out of the baggie, heat them up for 10 seconds, pour some orange juice, add a banana or other fruit, and my kids are in culinary heaven. If I heat up the breakfast sausages, then they think I am perfection come to life.

It takes almost no time at all, and at least I know that they are starting each morning with something not goldsfish crackers. And that Works For Me.

Ps - Sausages and Syrup are almost enough to make me a breakfast girl. YUM.


The Aubrinator said...

They freeze well, too. I made a huge batch of pancakes out of baby cereal and applesauce for Jonathan and froze them. 99 cents a box frozen waffles in the toaster would expedite your process some, too :)

Cyndi said...

I love this, how you spend the time Monday morning and it pays off all week. Good job, mom! I know your kids are loving it!

Kim said...

Great idea! Peanut butter on leftover pancakes is good too - extra protein.

How do you heat them up? Toaster or microwave - guess you could even do it in a pan?

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I just microwave them for 10 seconds. They come out nicely warm, but not so hot the kids can't hold them.

The Sheets said...

I hit the same "eureka" a few months ago when I found a huge box of Eggo Waffles at SAM'S.

Gideon likes them toasted (and plain) until recently... when he's started requesting peanut butter.

So quick... so easy... so sleepy-Daisha-friendly.

Nicole McIntyre said...

Since Daddy is in charge of breakfast in our household, we do oatmeal. Simple, fun flavors, bulk box from Sam's oatmeal.

However, I may have to look into Daisha's mention of ginormous box of Eggos at Sam's. That may have merit since I cook so badly that I've already sworn off pancakes after the "incident."

Robin said...

If you get ambitious, french toast isn't too much harder than pancakes and freeze or refrigerate really well. My kids love it and we rotate them with pancakes rather frequently! Also, not to be an echo, but they also love the peanut butter and strawberry freezer jam on them as well! (although that is a lot of extra sugar!) Sometimes we throw in little bits of apple, dried strawberries, or banana but that takes the simplicity out of it I guess! The Unsinkable Planner has gone and done it again! Genious!