Monday, October 29, 2007

All's Well

Hello Friends! As you can tell from the title, the procedures went great this morning. They found nothing, which means the problem isn't serious. We now have it narrowed down to a food allergy (which we tested for before, but these are deeper tests that include biopsies) or toddler diarrhea. I'm SO much happier with those choices than with the nebulous infinity we had before. We should get the results of the biopsies back in a few weeks, and I'll of course let you know how it goes.

Little David held up like a champ, not crying at all. He handled the anesthesia great, and came out of it tired, groggy, grumpy but oh-so-snuggly. He's doing great now - he's slept, he's had his milk (from which he'd been separated from for an excruciating 36 hours), and he's had dinner. Hopefully, it will be a calm night with him crashing here soon. Thanks so much for all of your prayers, they certainly did us good.

Oh, and here are some pictures of my brave little man:

Upon waking at 5:15am this morning.

In his totally adorable hospital gown.

Upon waking up from the anesthesia (Mommy's just a smidge tired, too.)

At home, recovering with markers :)


Nicole McIntyre said...

I'm so glad everything turned out okay. Too bad you don't have an open backed gown shot to embarass him in future years...

The Queen said...

He looks adorable and I can't wait to get some Nana-snuggles in when I see him! He just looks snuggly and irrisistable. :)

Just a few more weeks until I see you all. :)

Robin said...

You may have already tried forgive and ignore my post if you have. Have you tried Lactose Free milk (or sweet acidophilus milk, but I couldn't find it). Gavin had a bought with severe diarrhea after he had had the stomach flu and it was suggested by our dr that he should be on lactose free milk for a couple of weeks and then introduce "the real stuff" back into his diet after a couple of weeks. You said that you had already tested for some food allergies, so you probably already fought with this but when you talked about how he loved having his milk back after 36 hrs without, it just made me think of that. After 2 weeks on the $5 a gallon, lactose free milk, Gavin was a new kid! and he can have that "real stuff" again! Just a thought. The solution to Little David's problem probably isn't as easy as that, but it would be nice if it was!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the mullets!
(sorry so long!)

Unsinkable Kristen said...

We tried the lactose free milk for about three weeks with no change. We also tried a wheat free diet (for not nearly that long) with no change. He was pretty "solid" this morning, so maybe the winds of change are blowing (and boy would that be awesome).

Robin said...

I figured that you had already tried that. Thankfully like you said, it isn't something serious...although I have to say he is the happiest boy with miserable diarrhea that I have ever seen!

Maude said...

Yay! So glad to hear everything went well!