Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Update

Well Friends, it feels like Fall has finally hit Texas. I'm not sure how long it will stay, but for the moment, it's awesome. This morning it was 45 degrees and I had the chance to have my children and I in our sweats snuggled under a blanket with the windows open and watching cartoons. It was quickly followed by hot home made bread for breakfast and a trip to the library and the park. Seriously, fall gets a fire under me and I start doing all sorts of things!

Which brings me to my update. Here's how my grand Fall Preparation is going:

1. Fast and Furious Fall Cleaning - Mostly done. I didn't get all the closets done, but the master bedroom is staying cleaner than it ever has.

2. Fall Decorations - They are up and I'm definitely enjoying my cozy fall throw. I haven't gotten the outside decorations up yet, but that's because I haven't bought them, either.

3. Cold Weather Preparation -
- Fall Clothes for the kids, check (er...we still need socks, though). Winter clothes for me, no check (they're still in the attic).
- Matches, check. Candles, check. Working Candles that don't have buried wicks? No check.
- Fire logs, no check (working on that). Graham Crackers, check. Marshmellows, check (but we're running low - LOL).
- Kids room's stocked with blankets and warm jammies, check. Master Bedroom bedding, no check (just hasn't been cold enough). Quilt rack, no check (I'm working on that).

4. Holiday Preparation -
- Halloween - Tot will be going as Princess Uniqua (a combination of costumes, actually), both David's will be going as rednecks with Mullets (yes, I'm actually allowing him to cut my Little David's baby hair into a mullet.) and I will be opting out of the costume race. Candy, no check (going to Costco this weekend). Halloween books and movies, major check.
- Thanksgiving - As this is also my Mom's wedding weekend, our planning is now two fold. Wedding outfits for kids, check. Rock star awesome dress for me, check. Packing lists and itineraries, half check (got the itinerary, but no packing lists yet). Major anticipation for turkey and great food, major check.
- Christmas - Gifts, half check (I've got half my list bought, and I'm going to get one gift a week from here on out). Plans, check (We're going to Dave's parents for Eve and Morning and maybe going to Mom's for the afternoon, still working on that). Lists, half check (I've got the gift list, but I still need a few more lists for the details).

5. Activities - Pumpkin Patch, almost double check (we're going again this week!). Baking cookies, check. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, check check check check (sigh). Raking leaves, no check (not enough leaves). Picking out produce and pumpkins, no check (again, this week!). Visiting store displays, um WAY check (cause it's my favorite part). Watching leaves change colors, no check yet.

So, that's how I'm doing. This afternoon I'll be making many lists and baking some cookies with Tot and maybe even pulling down my winter clothes and bedding, we'll see.

How are all of you doing?


Jen @ JenuineJen said...

You sound like you have a plan and are sticking to it. Good for you! Doesn't feel so good to check off items on a To Do list. I am a list-a-holic!

Nicole McIntyre said...

Yea for real fall weather!

kyla said...

I want to hear about the dress!!

I am with you 100% on the loving fall time. I have my pumpkin candles burning all the time these days. We are going to Maine tomorrow and I can't wait to see real fall foliage!!

Sarah said...

Wow, okay I haven't done ANYTHING to prepare for fall/winter. This week it just got chilly here in Atlanta. I need to take winter coats to the cleaners, and get fall/winter clothes out and put summer clothes away.

I'm very impressed with all your preparations! I'm gonna work on some of that. (The candles, matches, etc...great idea!)