Monday, October 08, 2007

My Little Longhorns

Want to hear some new things our kids can do?

Tot now knows all the signs for: Touchdown, Holding, Pass Interference, and Offsides. Hilarious.

Tot can also say "How Bout Them Cowboys!"

Tot can say "Hook Em'" and make the Longhorn sign.

But the funniest thing? In teaching Tot all of this, Little David has picked it up. Now Little David can also do the Touchdown sign, and when we say "Hook Em'", he lifts his fists in the air and wiggles his fingers. Sometimes he even gets it right. I'm so going to post a video as soon as I can.

But yesterday was the greatest day of all. Little David actually said.... "Hook Em'".

No lie.

Yes, our little boy said "Hook Em'" before he said "Bye Bye" or "No".


Cameron Clark said...

I guess that means Little David will learn disappointment during the Red River Rivalry a little earlier.

Ainsley does the hook 'em sign...but it's inverted.

Crazy OU mothers.

Nicole McIntyre said...

Braedon can do touchdown and tries first down. He also tries to say touchdown. Man I love football season!

Anonymous said...

You must be ecstatic that your mother will be living in Aggieland!

Chad Gardner said...

Sooner, Sooner, be a Soooooner!