Friday, October 12, 2007


Okay, you guys will SO not believe this. Dave and his friend Patrick just got tickets to the Cowboys game THIS SUNDAY!!!!

Yes, you read that right. Tickets to see the Cowboys play the Pats, each team undefeated. SO AWESOME!!

Dave's work has season tickets, and this week Dave and Patrick got the two tickets. Friends, this game is beyond sold out. Tickets are going on Ebay for over $500 and MY man got them for FREE. This is his reward for working like a beast all the time. I'm so happy for him I can barely stand it because no one deserves this more than him.

They plan to get there around 9 am and tailgate all morning/afternoon until the 3pm game. Enjoying good food, good cigars, and good camaraderie ( And yes, Harding Alum, I spelled that without spellchecker). How good can it get?

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