Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for:

1. Getting to sleep in a little this morning. Woohoo for 7:30!

2. Having cinnamon rolls in the fridge that made for a very easy breakfast for the kids and I.

3. My favorite shirt being clean this morning.

4. Tomorrow being Friday. Seriously, so glad.

5. Tonight being Thursday night and that means THE OFFICE!!

6. The knowledge that the kids will nap and I will get a break today (is it sad that it's only 9 am and I'm already excited for naptime? :) )

7. The fact that I have half of my christmas presents bought. I'm such a beast!

8. Dave and I getting to go to a marriage conference this weekend and get a whole day to ourselves. I don't even care what the conference says, I'm just geeked to get to spend a day without the kids with my best pal.

9. Dave Ramsey. We are going to Financial Peace University classes at church on Wednesday nights and they are insanely awesome. We never fought much about money to start with, but we haven't even disagreed once since we started this class. Being on the same page is fantastic.

10. The fact that I have nothing that I absolutely must get done today. I have some chores that I will choose to do so that I can keep my environment pleasant, but other than that - nothing.

11. My dog. He may be have been whining incessantly ALL MORNING because I won't let him out again because the small dog next door keeps escaping into our yard and taunting Bear and I'm worried Bear will eat him, but he's still a good dog and doesn't pee on my carpet...anymore.


Robin said...

Dave Ramsey is awesome! James is teaching it at Lindberg! We took it 2 years ago and it totally changed our marriage! I was the free spirit and he was the least when it came to our finances! So good to be more on the same are right!

Enjoy nap time today...I am looking forward to it too.

Sarah said...

Great list.

And as for #9, I did our Oct budget last night and even though the numbers are tight, I get quite the satisfaction when it all balances out and everything has its proper place and the bills are paid. I'm definitely the nerd.

And HOORAY for #5!!!!!

Nicole McIntyre said...

I heart Dave Ramsey! (oh, wait, he gives us the money for our budget...) Thank you for helping to feed my family;) Have you gotten to the goat/gazelle story yet? My absolute favorite! We went to the live event several years ago and I swear I spit out my mouthful of coke 'cause it's even better in person!

And I'm the nerd. I have our budget color-coded highlighted. Sigh...

Unsinkable Kristen said...

We just saw the goat/gazelle last night and it was seriously hilarious. I told David I was going to yell "CHEETAH!!!!" every time I opened the mail box and saw a credit card offer, even if no one (or anyone I guess) was around :)

The Sheets said...

We didn't go through FPU, we just read Ramsey's book. But we've knocked out almost all of the debt from having a c-section w/o insurance!!! His plan ROCKS. Plus, it got my husband thinking about saving for retirement for the first time. (I'm so glad that I don't have an old-age full of Wal-mart greeting in front of me anymore.) :)
The Office ROCKS too.

Maude said...

The Office -- WHERE ARE THE TURTLES??!! I loved tonight's episode!

Girl, one word for you re: breakfast.....Cheerios. :)

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Cheerios and I are likethisclose.

Unfortunately, my kids have developed a rather discriminating palatte and will now toss said cheerios off their breakfast trays and demand other options.

Well, the discriminating palatte and that I may have served them cheerios from 6 months till one year exclusively for breakfast. So maybe they are just a little tired of them, LOL.

And tonights episode was AWESOME. Can I tell you my heart broke a little for Dwight?!

Nicole McIntyre said...

So when I got the mail yesterday, I couldn't resist yelling "Cheetah" and running when I saw the Harding credit card application in my stack of mail. I guess they think since we practically sold our souls once to give them money that we are stupid enough to do it again!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Yeah, we actually got FOUR Harding card applications in the mail yesterday. I got to yell a lot :)

Angela said...

FPU is fantastic! Make sure you listen to the Cds often after you finish the class. We've always been frugal but we've become much more so since FPU. We've also succeeded with our budgets for the first time in 5 years of marriage. Good for you and I'm glad you're having a good day!