Friday, October 19, 2007


These are the things I'm thankful for today...

1. My Ramen & Diet Dr Pepper lunch. Mmmmm. Look, I know that I just ingested more sodium than you need in a week, but friends, it was TASTY.

2. My hilarious Tot, who before bed, prayed to God and thanked him that her Aunt LaLa was coming to babysit tonight.

3. That Aunt LaLa is coming to babysit tonight :) Dave and I will be at a friends birthday party and we'll be munching on mexican food and going to Billy Bob's to see Robert Earl Keen. If he sings Merry Christmas from the Family I will die of sheer happiness.

4. That I finally got most of the kids fall clothes bought and put away. Seriously, who knew how hard it was to find jeans to fit a 16 month old?? (Note: He wears 2T...not a small kid)

5. That Tot is now using the Big Girl Potty 2 - 3 times a day. We're in the home stretch!!

6. My best pal Dave, who has come home the last few days in a fantastic mood (despite hard days at work) and has played with the kids while I got to rest.

7. That I will get to see all my Missouri family in a few short weeks for a wedding AND Thanksgving. That will certainly be a pretty fun week.

8. The weather here. It's still a little warm for my fall preferences, but it's no longer in the 90's and on Monday I may actually get to wear that insanely cute H&M coat I got in Chicago since it will be pretty chilly.

9. That I will be making Chili this week.

10. My little Tank, who is pushing through some difficulties (LOL) with a wonderful temperment.

Edit: I am not, however, thankful that blogger will not allow me to double space after a period for some reason. This is irritating. Nevermind. Back to my thankful state. Wooosaaaahhhh.


Robin said...

So is the wedding that you are going to be at in a few short weeks, your mom's? I am not sure that she ever said WHEN she was getting married!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Yes, it's her wedding. She's getting married Nov 17th!!