Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tot Speak

In WalMart, passing the hats and scarves and such

T: Mommy, I want to try those earbuffs on

In WalMart, passing the bras and underthings and such

T: Mommy, I want to try those boobies on.


T: Mommy?
UK: Yeah, Sweet Pea?
T: You Bubba my best friends.


UK: Tot!! You stayed dry during your nap AND you made peepees in the potty!! You get two shiney quarters for your money jar!
T: Mommy, I want dollar.


T: Mommy, you be baby.
T: Baby Mommy, you need kiss and blanket. (covers me up and kisses me) Night Night Baby Mommy!
UK: But Tot..
T: No, Baby Mommy, I Mommy Taylor.
UK: Okay, Mommy Taylor, I need a song, too :)
T: ( starts singing Rock a bye Baby, which I didn't know she knew) You be Mommy now. I done.

(again, at Walmart. Standing in the cart facing the toy aisle)

T: Presents, Here I Come!!!


Kristen said...

These are funny! How's potty training going??

Classic MaMa said...

This was hilarious. I love it!!

Sarah said...

That kid is a riot.

Robin said...

I think her mommy taught her that last line! Sound familiar?

The Queen said...

Oh Robin... I think you are soo right. Her mommy always loves presents too! :) What girl doesn't?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Tot...