Friday, November 30, 2007

Whew...That Was Exhausting.

So seriously, blogging everyday for a month is a little more tiring that I thought it would be. Not that typing is a particularly strenuous activity, but it is just one more thing to think about. I'm sure you've noticed the multitude of posts that are 9pm and later (i.e. last night), but that's about the time I would remember I hadn't blogged that day and would subsequently race over to the computer and try to type something mildly amusing. Or just sports scores (but really, how awesome were we last night??).

So, in conclusion of National Blog Posting Month, I give you this:

Thankful Friday

1. I am thankful that today is grocery shopping day because the eggs, margarita mix and leftover spaghetti in my fridge look lonely.

2. I am thankful for the little goober baby that is slobbering all over my back right now as he tries to grab my fat and pull himself up onto the chair and sit behind me while I type.

3. I am thankful that I'm about to drive to Justin and buy e.l.f. makeup for only $1. I LOVE cheap makeup!!

4. I am thankful that Dave and I know we love each other and like each other, even when he's sick and grumpy and I'm naggy and crabby.

5. I am thankful for my Mom now being only three hours away instead of ten.

6. I am thankful for more babysitters :)

7. I am thankful for my gooberlicious kids that make me laugh daily, even when they are driving me out of my ever lovin' mind by sleeping in their toyboxes and refusing to eat their dinners.

8. I am thankful for the Starbucks that I will drink today.

9. I am thankful that I forgot a Drs appointment today because I really didn't want to go anyways.

10. I am thankful that tomorrow night, I plan to snuggle up with my family on the couch and watch The Polar Express while we drink hot chocolate. The kids will go to bed, and Dave and I will finish the movie by a fire while playing scrabble.

Not too shabby for The Unsinkable :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

How Bout Them Cowboys????

Cowboys 11 - 1


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Sleep Tot

And this is what I found at 9:30pm tonight:

Yes, that is her toy box.

Yes, she is in her princess dress and feathered mules.

No, I have no idea how she fell asleep crumpled like that.

I Am Not Sleepy And I Will Not Go To Bed

Have any of you ever seen the cartoon Charlie & Lola? It's two adorable cartoon British children and Lola is small and rather funny. Lola is always getting into things but is such a happy and charming little thing that Charlie can never stay upset at her. Anyways, point being, Tot reminded me of Lola last night, when at 9 pm (bed time is 7pm) she called out to tell me that she did not have on her princess dress and she was asleep. I sent Dave in to check on her, and this is what he found:

Of course, she was asleep and not dressed like a princess. And oh yes, those are feathered mules.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Little Bit Of Lazy

As I'm sure you all know by now, I'm a rather... anxious person. I have a tendency to over plan, over think and over analyze. This usually means that I am always planning something, always making lists (in my head or on paper), always ticking off the things I need to get done and how I need to do them. When a big event is taking place, I go into absolute overdrive. I make list after list after list, and I try to make sure that every thing is taken care of, and I usually enjoy every moment. The anxiousness is not always a bad characteristic, but it is always exhausting.

This past week in Missouri was wonderful because of all the time I got to see my family and the fun that we had. However, it was absolutely draining. The wedding, Thanksgiving, and the general stress in traveling with the crumb snatchers was a bit much for me and my already over stressed from planning mental state. My body decided it had had enough, and thought that the way to tell me so was to break out my face like I was a teenager, give me cold sores out the wazoo, give me shattering headaches every day and dry out my skin like you wouldn't believe. Quite pleasant.

Normally, as soon as I got home from this harried trip, I would immediately begin a hectic schedule of doing all laundry as to ensure we all started the week with entirely clean wardrobes, then making sure every travel item was put away and every toy was back in place. I would have all our meals for the next week planned and I would have a daily list of things to accomplish. I would expect myself to have these daily lists accomplished by midmorning and then I would spend the rest of the day totally whipped from running like a madwoman all morning. i would then look at my calendar and see the due dates for Christmas things I had given myself (like finishing the shopping by Dec 5, finishing the homemade presents by Dec 1, mailing the christmas cards by Dec 15, etc) and then create lists of what I had to do to achieve those goals I had set for myself.

But when I did get home, a funny thing happened. I made the lists, but halfheartedly. I started the chores, but only got them to a good stopping point, not a finished point. I got the groceries, but neglected the meal plan and I looked at my calendar and realized that my goals were totally unreasonable and arbitrary.

I needed a break.

So instead of making the things I need to get done the focus of my day, I've made resting the focus of my day. I've made lots of hot tea and hot chocolate. I've read good magazines and I've watched a lot of tivo-ed shows. I've planed numerous games of scrabble with Dave, and numerous games of Scrabulous with Sarah and Lu. Dave and I have spent our evenings with a fire, a good meal, playing scrabble or watching tv or both, and snuggling on the couch. I've been knitting and enjoying it, not just getting to and engoal, and I've tried some new sample shampoos and lotions I've been saving up. I've been making hot breakfasts for us each morning (even for Dave, who eats at 6am), and I've been staying in my jammies much longer than I ever would normally. I've taken the kids on a walk to the library and to the park, and we've watched Christmas cartoons and read Christmas books. I've read a lot of blogs and commented on almost none, and talked on the phone to my mom.

It's been nice.

And funny enough, in between all of the resting, I've actually gotten things done bit by bit. The laundry is inching along slow and steady, and the kitchen is staying pretty clean. I scrapped the Christmas goal dates and moved them back so I can enjoy it more. I've created a loose menu plan for the week, and have gathered all of the travel mess and put it into a basket so I can put things away a bit at a time.

For someone who usually attacks everything, this slower pace has been pretty great. I may even try to keep it up. Of course, I would need a schedule. And a plan. And maybe a list.

Monday, November 26, 2007

More Wedding Pics...

***EDITED*** Can everyone see the last two pics now?

The Dress.

Oh, and Dave and I.
(Excuse the fat angle. And the bra strap.)

Mom & Tim, and the Traveling Chapmans

The new extended family. Yes, it's weird. But nice, too.

I know it's not a wedding picture, but seriously, how cute is this Tot??

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

We Call This...Good Day

Hot Chocolate in my Jim Mug.
Turkey Leftovers with Dave's family.
Shopping for presents for the kids. Alone.
Shopping for presents for me.
Jet's Pizza.
Early bedtime.
Scrabulous with Dave.
Hot Tea.
Catching up on Tivo-ed shows.

Does it get any better?

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright

Deep in the heart of Texas!!

I'm home, I'm exhausted, and I've literally never been so happy to see my bed and our three separate bedrooms. Sigh.

Goodnight friends, I'll give you a good post when I wake up.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

~ From all of us here at The Unsinkable's

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


“How about some year we try a fried turkey?”

You could here the audible gasps from my family at the audacity of my new husbands suggestion. Heaven and Earth, are the shades of Pemberly to be thus polluted? I mean, does he not know? At the McCullough household, turkeys are not fried. Turkeys are baked. They are basted, they are prepared hours in advance with the utmost of care to produce a golden delicious turkey so fine and moist that your eyes water as well as your mouth. Thanksgiving is not an event. Thanksgiving is The Event (Continue reading at An American Front Porch).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This Is Harder Than I Thought

Wow, can I just tell you the difference that a whole night's rest makes?? The kids went to bed on time last night and with only one minor bump in the middle of the night requiring a diaper change, they slept all night, too.

Which means I slept all night.

Which when added to the eggo I had for breakfast followed by some Starbucks Hot Chocolate means I'm feeling awesome.

Our plans today include visiting with my Grandmama and Gramps, watching the holy preparation of Yeast Rolls, Pie Crusts, and Cornbread Stuffing, and meeting Cameron for a visit at a nearby park. I'm hoping to get some shopping in here today, but I won't hold my breath.

Just so you know, the posts this week are going to be crazy boring because I have about five minutes of borrowed time to hop on and I just can't be that creative in that little time. Here's hoping that I some how make this posting every day thing. It's harder than it looks kiddies :)

Monday, November 19, 2007


Okay, it's 5pm and I just remembered to get onilne to post. This won't be a good one or a long one, but I'll do my best.

1. Our kids haven't slept since Friday.
2. I'm running on chocolate and family.
3. My aunt makes the world's best cosmos and I thank her heartily for that fact.

Will post tomorrow. We're planning on having a little park time, a little shopping, and Lord Willing, two kids that nap.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Wedding: Part One

Well, we made it through. The wedding went off with a hitch (har har) and a great time was had by all. The ceremony was beautiful, my aunts did a fabulous job decorating, and there was Ghiradelli chocolate on the tables, I mean really, could it get any better? Oh wait, it could. We had delicious bar-b-que and there were Diet Dr. Peppers galore. Seriously awesome.

The most fun part, however, was the DJ. I had the distinct pleasure of watching my mom and my new step dad, my aunts and uncles, and a few other couples all slow dance to "Let's Get It On". Yeah. Figuring that we could either throw up a little or join in, Dave and I junior high danced along for the last minute.

Following that was a lot of disco, a little electric slide, a lot of groove shaking and an insane amount of fun. I'm reminded once again that I have the world's most fun family and man, can we throw a party. Oh, and in addition to my awesome family, I am now the proud step sibling of three new step brothers and two new step sisters in law (how in the world can I shorten that?) and I do believe that we'll get along just fine. I'm glad they're normal, because we're chock full of crazy here.

Anyways, here are a select few pictures to whet your appetite until I can upload the ones of the whole family and the Flower Tot. I know you'll love it.

The actual ceremony, featuring Mom, Tim, Tim's middle son Aaron, my mom's friend John and myself in the afore mentioned rock star awesome dress.

Mom & her sisters, Sarah and Cheryl

My favorite artsy picture of the evening with Mom & Tim dancing

Saturday, November 17, 2007

T Minus Two Hours

Hey Friends, this is going to be a short one as I am due to start getting ready in twenty minutes. We are here in MO safe and sound and the trip wasn't horrible. There were some diaper blowouts and some screaming, but what's a road trip without a little adventure? Now we are at the hotel resting (read: I napped while Dave watched the kids not sleep and now Dave is napping while I watch the kids not sleep) and soon the festivities begin.

At 3:45ppm sharp, Tot and I are due at the clubhouse to be filled in on our duties as Matron of Honor and Flower Tot, and then at 4:30pm the Wedding begins followed by catered BBQ and dancing. It's going to be a pretty great party. As soon as I'm back I'll post the pictures and you all leave Mom and Tim some well wishes, okay? I knew I could count on you.

Okay guys, it's that time. Wish us luck!

Friday, November 16, 2007

In The Home Stretch

We've got the bags packed, the house (mostly) clean, car cleaned out, and the directions printed. Friends, as soon as David gets home from work at 12pm we are on our way! Wish me luck on the 10 hour drive as well as trying to post every day during the trip. I have to admit, I wasn't thinking so clearly when I signed on to NaBloPoMo during the month I was to be traveling for a week.

Oh well, girl's gotta have a good challenge every now and then right?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Craziness! It's Thursday and the day hasn't started out badly and I'm not stressed! It's 48 degrees outside and I've already enjoyed my snuggles in bed with all of my family and I've had some delicious hot chocolate in my I Heart Jim mug. I got a lot packed yesterday, so I can truly stop this morning and be thankful for quite a lot of things.

1. The thing I am most thankful for today is tonight. Tonight, Dave and I will drop the crumb snatcher's off at MeMe & Pop's house and we will be having a date. I know!! We're going to go to Metro Cinema (a movie/dinner place) to watch Fred Claus and have some delicious beer battered onion rings, some pizza and maybe a little dessert. TASTY. Then we'll head home, pack up the bags into the truck and head to bed for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Strong.

2. I leave tomorrow for Mom's wedding! I'm so thankful that we're getting to spend the week with my awesome McCullough family and that two totally awesome events will be taking place. I'll be sure to bring back pictures of the wedding, I know you are all dying to see my killer dress Mom in all of her bridal splendor. But seriously, it's going to be a fun, cozy party and I'm so happy to have it all happen.

3. My cozy brown waffle knit shirt. If I could, I would buy seven of them and wear them every day of the week. Old Navy has outdone themselves with this superfly snuggly brown and pink shirt.

4. My Tot and my Bubba have been real troopers this week while I've run around with my head barely attached trying to plan and pack and play all at once. While there have been a few instances of walking into Tot's room and finding total destruction and her wearing seven dresses at once, it's been fun and I'm thankful it hasn't been worse.

5. I dreamed of cupcakes the night before last and it was awesome.

6. My mom is making cupcakes this week.

7. I got a sample of some Dove shampoo in the mail this week and it was awesome. Nothing like free samples to make you thankful for the indulgence.

8. I'm thankful that after much discussion of gas mileage vs. space, that David and I agreed on space and we are driving the Dodge Quad cab instead of my tiny Rav 4. The thought of driving for 10 hours with my kids being able to reach (i.e. hit) each other was haunting me. This way they are a good foot apart and there is the added benefit of us having plenty of space to put our ten thousand bags and accoutrements.

9. I'm thankful for the week ahead being full of turkey, pies, rolls, cake, casseroles, pickle trays, talking laughing, marrying, visiting, driving, moving, and did I mention cupcakes?

10. I'm thankful that I've been steadily crossing things off of my to do list and that I am able to sit here this morning and be truly thankful and not hurried and stressed like most Thursdays :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To Everything Plan, Plan, Plan.

This Friday, our family will once again become the Traveling Chapman's as we load up our truck and take the family to the Mediocre State of Missouri ( bad, Texas snobbery coming out) to visit my family for Thanksgiving and the awesomeness of my Mom's wedding. As you can imagine, a week long trip like this will be loads of fun, however, it will require so much preparation that it has the potential to drive me insane before we even leave the driveway. You see, traveling with adults is one thing, traveling with toddlers to a place that doesn't normally house toddlers is a whole 'nother story (Continue reading at An American Front Porch).

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Do List...

Finish Laundry
File mail
Pick Up Master Bedroom
Clean Bathrooms
Create packing list for kids
Start on packing list for Dave and I
Start packing kids stuff
Start packing our stuff
Clean out car
Pack kids for over night at MeMe & Pop's house on Thursday
Buy two more Christmas presents
Pack activity bags for car trip
Clean out fridge

And what have I actually done today??

Shopped for new make up from a cute discount store in Justin
Shopped for new Yankee Candles because I had a great coupon
Shopped for medicine for our colds
Stopped at Sonic for a DDP

You could say I am a bit in denial about all the work I have to do before we leave for Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Little Baby...

Just got his very first big boy hair cut.

Tonight Dave cut off the leftover mullet on Little David from Halloween, and along with it went all of my baby's curls and sweet little angel hair. I actually teared up when I saw him after it was all done because there is no mistaking that he is now a boy and no longer a baby. Of course, I saved all the little gently curled locks and placed them in his baby book, but they no longer catch the light like they did. They don't look quite as shiny, buttery blonde and they don't even feel the same.

But the saddest part is the loss of a familial gesture that I only did with him. Whenever Little David would toddle by me I would put my hand on the top of his hand, run it down to his neck, and stick my fingers through his long little hair and cup his neck. It's such a tiny little neck, and he would always turn around and bury his face in me and talk nonsense to me.

I know that the loss of a little bit of hair is really nothing in the grand scheme of things, but when the outcome is so...changed... it hurts my mothers heart just a bit that my baby, my tiny giant little baby boy, is a kid.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dave Is Home...

And this is how I feel.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not Too Shabby Saturday

These are the things I plan to do today:

1. Watch Pride & Prejudice for the 5 time this week ( to be fair, I'm splitting my viewings between the BBC version and the Keira Knightly version, although that still makes me sound like a dweeb).
2. Drink some tea (Tension Tamer Tea...'nough said).
3. Fold some laundry (I'm finishing this stuff during naptime).
4. Do the dishes (as soon as I'm done here...ish).
5. Do some halve-sie grocery shopping (where I get the things I need and save the real trip for when Dave is home and can watch the kids).
6. Play outside with the kids.
7. Sweep the kitchen (after lunch).
8. Paint my toenails.
9. Not order pizza (Darn you Jets and your reasonably priced small deep dish!).
10. Drop some books off at the library and pick up some more.
11. I think that's it.

Contractual Obligation to NaBloPoMo fulfilled :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Tot Speak/Bubba Speak

(I'm changing Tot's diaper, she picks her nose and sticks it in her mouth.)

UK: Tot that's gross don't do that.
Tot: No Mamma, boogers is so so yummy.
UK: Gross. No they aren't. And doing that will make you sick.
Tot: I already sick.

(she was)

UK: Fine then. It's still gross.

(I walk in the room, Tot is coloring on Little David's head)

UK: Tot! Quit that!!
Tot: It's fun to color on people

(in the car, I turn around and Tot is sucking on her toes)
UK: Tot! Stop that! Toes are so so yuck!
Tot: Not yucky, toes are so so yummy Mommy!

(in the bathroom, working on the potty training)

Tot: Wow! I make lots and lots of peepee and yucky poops!

(claps for herself, almost falls in)

(Trying to get Tot to sleep one night)

UK: I have to leave now, go to sleep.
Tot: No Mommy, I scared
UK: Don't worry, God is here and He's bigger than scary things, remember?
Tot: Why God take me away you?
(she means me away from her, we're still working on subject/noun placement)
UK: God isn't taking me away, mommy just needs to go to sleep, but God is still here.
Tot: God here?
UK: God is everywhere
Tot: Oh.
UK: He'll keep you safe.
Tot: God potect (protect) me spiders and ghosts??
UK: Yes, God is bigger than spiders and ghosts.
Tot: Oh good.
UK: Yep.

Words Little David Can Say (albeit rarely, that kid just never talks!)

Oh No.
Hook Em!
Touchdown! (sortof)
Tickle, Tickle, Tickle (okay, he only did it once, but I'm counting it)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I've decided that Thankful Thursday always seems to happen on the day that I need it most. Or, I guess, Thursdays just really stink around here :). Anyways, to give you some background, in the wee hours of the morning both of my kids decided that they weren't feeling really sleepy. Little David kept crying for reasons I couldn't figure out, then he woke up Tot and she started crying saying it was too dark, she was too thirsty, she missed her daddy, and that she was scared. An hour and a half later (I kid you not) they were finally asleep. Then the cramping started. For reasons unknown (not just trying to be polite, I really don't know), I started to have the worst cramps. 30 minutes later they were gone and I finally got to sleep. 3 hours later it was time for David to wake up and of course, Tot woke up, too, as soon as he started his truck down the driveway. She had wet through her pants, was thirsty, was hungry, wanted to watch a cartoon, wanted Mommy to quit trying to sleep and missed her daddy. Guys, I lost it, completely just lost it. I was absolutely exhausted, frustrated, I knew she was going to wake up Little David with her whiney/crying jet, and that I wasn't going to get any more sleep and it all sat upon weeks of building stress that I had been trying to press down and instead it just erupted.

So I yelled.

At her.

She of course starts crying even worse and actually shrinks back from me, because I absolutely never yell. It's just not my personality and I just don't. Well, today I did. And I was mean, I'm pretty sure I told her to "Just shut up, Mommy's so so tired and she just needs five freaking minutes to wake up before she gets your freaking blue cup of milk, okay??" Yeah. So I storm out of our room and into the kitchen where I promptly break down and ball not believing I could have just been so mean and horrible to my sweet Tot who just wanted a glass of milk.

I got her the milk, came back to my room, and sat on the bed and she and I cried together for a good five minutes. I apologized for yelling and for being mean and I told her I loved her and that I was wrong and that God didn't like it when Mommies were mean to their Tots. She said "It's okay mommy, I wub you too, and God no like it when Mommies pop me either". I explained that even though I was wrong and sorry it didn't mean she had a free pass on spankings from here on out.

So we made up, snuggled and went back to bed and she watched a cartoon while I snoozed another hour.

Which brings me to Thankful Thursday. This has been a rough couple of months for me, with Little Davids stuff, general busyness, and not a lot of relaxing time away from the kids. I've been having a difficult time and have been telling myself to suck it up, that lots of people have much worse problems and much more stressful things, and that I just need to quit whining and get on with it. However, I realized that part of the problem is trying to pretend that things aren't stressful and going on with your life acting like you're doing fine. Instead, I should be digging into my bible finding my peace there, structuring my day to give myself time to accomplish the necessary parts of life and still giving myself the needed break, and then actually taking the break and not wasting it planning more and bigger projects for me to do within a certain period of time. I should be talking to people more and moping around less. And most of all, I should be diligent about being thankful for all of the awesome things that are in my life. You know, I have it pretty great. When I start to feel like I'm unraveling from the inside, I need to look at the outside and remember all of the things that aren't falling apart.

And this is what is not falling apart in my life:

1. My marriage. Dave and I have a wonderful relationship that I wish everyone else had. He's always gentle to me and taking care of me and making me laugh. He's my rock and quite a funny rock at that. I am genuinely, completely content with him.
2. My parenting skills. Even though I have some pretty stinky moments, I always make sure my kids know that I love them to bits and I make sure they get plenty of hugs, kisses, snuggles, teachable moments, and instructions. I'm never afraid to tell them I did something wrong or that I'm sorry
3. My home. Yes, there is a mountain of laundry in my room, but it's clean. Yes, there are toys everywhere, but each night they get cleaned up. It may not be perfect, but it's wonderful.
4. My friendships. I have great friends who talk me down from the edge when I'm feeling all dark and twisty and who understand me and are just plain awesome.
5. My fun. Even when I am feeling dark and twisty, I'm still able to enjoy the perfection of a slice (or four) of Jet's pizza, the utter fabulousness of a Diet Dr Pepper at just the right moment or the absolute hilarity of my Tot when she tells me that she's the Blueberry Monster and that she is going to steal me and lock me in a tower and steal my sugars.
6. My relationship with God. I think this is the only thing we can ever be certain will never unravel. No matter how far you've let yourself go, how tired you are, how beat down you are, or how blah you are, God always loves you with passion and is always happy to have you near and close to Him. It's nice to know, that when things feel yucky and you think you are stretched so far that you may snap (or already have) that God is right there to give you a hug, maybe even a kick in the pants, and welcome you back to the land of the living.

Speaking of, I do believe that today at naptime I will read my bible and pray and get a little peace, fold a load of laundry, empty & fill the dishwasher, and then I will sit on my couch and finish some knitting while I watch some very funny TV. I will get done what needs to be done, and then I will sit and rest. I won't plan anything, I won't make any lists, I won't be thinking that I need to get anything else done. I'll just sit and rest, and recoup a little.

Then maybe tomorrow morning, when the kids have woken up early again and are demanding the various and sundry things they always do, I will instead smile and fetch and maybe even suggest some pancakes to go with that blue cup of milk.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Mean It This Time

Okay, so a few months back I mentioned that I would be guest blogging on the site An American Front Porch. Those of you that have kept up with The Porch will realize that I've contributed a total of...twice.

But all that's about to change.

Here on out, I'll be blogging there every Wednesday, come rain or shine. So please, pop on over and give us a look-see. There are a group of great people talking about all manner of things and I do believe that while you'll find a much more varied fare than you will here at The Unsinkable's, you'll enjoy it just as much (if not a little more, because seriously, are you all not tired of me yet?).

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Little David fell and poked his tooth through his mouth. We called 911, because I wasn't sure what to do, and they sent out the nicest EMT's who said he would be fine and that it was small enough he wouldn't need stiches. So now, I have a freakishly calm little boy (seriously, he maybe cried for less than a minute) and a lot of bloody laundry to do. Blurg.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Why do they even make fish sticks that take 13 minutes to bake at 475 degrees and do not have the option of microwaving???

I mean seriously.

So they would be crispy and delicious and pack a flavor filled yummy punch, that's why.

Which reminds me, when did fish sticks stop being lumps of nasty fried fish parts and start being delicious little treats?? Is my palette just more refined now (or rather, absolutely less refined) than it was in elementary school?


Already missed a day.

Oh well, I'm counting this one because it's really early and the only reason I missed yesterday was because I fell asleep at 8:30 pm. Good stuff.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

NaBloPoMo a.k.a National Blog Posting Month

So I'm sure none of you knew (and if you did, you are awesome and more internet savy than I), but it is National Blog Posting Month, otherwise known as NaBloPoMo.

The challenge is to post something on your blog every day this month. That's right, every day including Saturdays, Sundays, days when you are busy, days when you are sick, and days when the children color on your couch and lock themselves inside library bathrooms (more on that later).

So, your dearest Unsinkable, being unable to refuse a challenge, has girded up her loins and plans to embark on this next adventure of posting all kinds of...well...crap in the hopes of making the 30 day goal. I hereby invite all of you to do the same and see if we can use our collective power to make the internet explode. I mean, really, it's not like we have anything better to do like dishes or laundry or anything.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh Yeah, The Kids.

I guess they did Halloween , too, huh? Well, for those of you that actually wanted to see the kids and not my cutie patootie mulleted husband, here you go!

Oh, my bad. Another mullet.

He wasn't feeling the ghost costume. He also wasn't feeling the chicken costume from last year again.
So Little David went as....

Chicken Legs and a Halloween shirt.

Tot opted to be a princess, of course, and had an absolute blast.
In fact, she was having so much fun, she repeatedly refused to look at the camera.

The Haul.
Weighing in at 3.5 POUNDS, we took home more than our fair share of candy, especially considering we only went to 10 - 12 houses.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Anyone know how to get crayon out of your all time favorite couch that you've had since the summer you got married and you've never found a couch you like better and you thought you might cry when you saw the offending giant fish shaped mark even though you knew that it would eventually be defaced at the hands of your mongrel children?

Or just the crayon out of fabric part.

I actually got most of it out using plain old Dawn Dishsoap and wet wipes. Lucky, lucky kids.

The Mullet: Before & After

My David, Pre Mullet

My David (s), post Mullet.