Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Little David fell and poked his tooth through his mouth. We called 911, because I wasn't sure what to do, and they sent out the nicest EMT's who said he would be fine and that it was small enough he wouldn't need stiches. So now, I have a freakishly calm little boy (seriously, he maybe cried for less than a minute) and a lot of bloody laundry to do. Blurg.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! You poor thing!!
I know how scary that is!! John-Andrew did the exact same thing about 17 years ago!!
Glad all is better....bet your blood pressure went up some!! :o)
Linda Reddoch

James Canterbury said...

I do not look forward to those moments when I have to be brave in spite of my child's blood and or recently purged stomach contents lying all about!

I feel for you!

Diana Richards said...

Holy Moley! That is super crazy. Gotta love great EMT's! I am glad they were nice and helpful...that makes all the difference in the world. Tell Little David, he can try a little harder at being "holey!" (Gotta laugh, or you'll cry!) See you Wednesday!

Nicole McIntyre said...

Wow. I probably would have forgotten to even call 911 in my freak out. Glad that he is A-OK and that you can sort of breathe again.

Angela said...

One of our two boys has done that at least once a year the last few years though we've had it happen twice this year to varing degrees. Anyway if I hadn't seen my best bud's daughter do it first at the grocery store of all places I'd have called the emt's too. Good luck!

Becky said...

i'm telling you...it's boys that give us the big heart attack!!

Angie said...

Ya'll have just had one thing after another! Hope your little guy is feeling better! I thought of you today, we went to Watauga Library for storytime.

Angela (from T2CHK)

Sara Berry said...

This has nothing to do with little David (athough I'm glad he's OK!!!) but I thought you needed to know:

Carrell Ducks 'The Office' for Strikers
Nov. 7, 2007, 2:34 PM EST

Filming has stopped on the popular NBC sitcom "The Office" because star Steve Carell has refused to cross the picket lines of striking writers, a producer said Wednesday.

Greg Daniels, executive producer of the show, says the last new episode of the show will air next week. It is among at least eight prime-time shows to stop shooting as of Wednesday because of the strike.

A publicist for Carell did not immediately return calls from The Associated Press.

No new contract talks are scheduled.

Sorry, dude.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

NO WAY. I thought for sure that they would tape until the scripts ran out. THAT STINKS!!!!