Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Little Bit Of Lazy

As I'm sure you all know by now, I'm a rather... anxious person. I have a tendency to over plan, over think and over analyze. This usually means that I am always planning something, always making lists (in my head or on paper), always ticking off the things I need to get done and how I need to do them. When a big event is taking place, I go into absolute overdrive. I make list after list after list, and I try to make sure that every thing is taken care of, and I usually enjoy every moment. The anxiousness is not always a bad characteristic, but it is always exhausting.

This past week in Missouri was wonderful because of all the time I got to see my family and the fun that we had. However, it was absolutely draining. The wedding, Thanksgiving, and the general stress in traveling with the crumb snatchers was a bit much for me and my already over stressed from planning mental state. My body decided it had had enough, and thought that the way to tell me so was to break out my face like I was a teenager, give me cold sores out the wazoo, give me shattering headaches every day and dry out my skin like you wouldn't believe. Quite pleasant.

Normally, as soon as I got home from this harried trip, I would immediately begin a hectic schedule of doing all laundry as to ensure we all started the week with entirely clean wardrobes, then making sure every travel item was put away and every toy was back in place. I would have all our meals for the next week planned and I would have a daily list of things to accomplish. I would expect myself to have these daily lists accomplished by midmorning and then I would spend the rest of the day totally whipped from running like a madwoman all morning. i would then look at my calendar and see the due dates for Christmas things I had given myself (like finishing the shopping by Dec 5, finishing the homemade presents by Dec 1, mailing the christmas cards by Dec 15, etc) and then create lists of what I had to do to achieve those goals I had set for myself.

But when I did get home, a funny thing happened. I made the lists, but halfheartedly. I started the chores, but only got them to a good stopping point, not a finished point. I got the groceries, but neglected the meal plan and I looked at my calendar and realized that my goals were totally unreasonable and arbitrary.

I needed a break.

So instead of making the things I need to get done the focus of my day, I've made resting the focus of my day. I've made lots of hot tea and hot chocolate. I've read good magazines and I've watched a lot of tivo-ed shows. I've planed numerous games of scrabble with Dave, and numerous games of Scrabulous with Sarah and Lu. Dave and I have spent our evenings with a fire, a good meal, playing scrabble or watching tv or both, and snuggling on the couch. I've been knitting and enjoying it, not just getting to and engoal, and I've tried some new sample shampoos and lotions I've been saving up. I've been making hot breakfasts for us each morning (even for Dave, who eats at 6am), and I've been staying in my jammies much longer than I ever would normally. I've taken the kids on a walk to the library and to the park, and we've watched Christmas cartoons and read Christmas books. I've read a lot of blogs and commented on almost none, and talked on the phone to my mom.

It's been nice.

And funny enough, in between all of the resting, I've actually gotten things done bit by bit. The laundry is inching along slow and steady, and the kitchen is staying pretty clean. I scrapped the Christmas goal dates and moved them back so I can enjoy it more. I've created a loose menu plan for the week, and have gathered all of the travel mess and put it into a basket so I can put things away a bit at a time.

For someone who usually attacks everything, this slower pace has been pretty great. I may even try to keep it up. Of course, I would need a schedule. And a plan. And maybe a list.


Sarah said...

Sounds divine.

(You've had some killer words on Scrabulous, btw)

Robin said...

This is hilarious! The way you just ended this blog makes me think, once again, that you really should be writing...childrens books would be great!

The Queen said...

Kiddo... I think I should have held back a few of the organizational genes when you were baking. LOL. I totally understand what you are saying and right this very minute (surrounded by boxes) I am taking a Dt DP break and reading blogs, and commenting on some. (wink)
You make me smile...
Momma Fish <><

Nicole McIntyre said...

Understand completely. I'm in a resting week here as well. Yeah, when I get a chance I work on my chore list, but it's just not my focus. The kiddos and I went to the craft store today and picked up some clay to make handprints for the grannies and gramps. Here's a toast to your laziness!

The Sheets said...

As someone who is rarely as organized or task-focused as you are, I am always amazed at how on-top-of-things you seem. Sometimes reading your blog makes ME tired from all the stuff on your list.

But then I noticed that our Myers/Briggs test revealed we are EXACT opposites... so, I'm being (yet again) lazy and letting this explain our different takes on getting things done.

Resting is NICE. :)

Emily said...

Sounds like you really need. I can totally relate to you because in so many ways I'm exactly the same way and I get way to stressed out and then I break down and end up in tears frustrated that I didn't complete my "daily list". It's so hard for me to step back and just "take it as it comes", but sometimes, it's exactly what I need. Enjoy your laziness!