Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh Yeah, The Kids.

I guess they did Halloween , too, huh? Well, for those of you that actually wanted to see the kids and not my cutie patootie mulleted husband, here you go!

Oh, my bad. Another mullet.

He wasn't feeling the ghost costume. He also wasn't feeling the chicken costume from last year again.
So Little David went as....

Chicken Legs and a Halloween shirt.

Tot opted to be a princess, of course, and had an absolute blast.
In fact, she was having so much fun, she repeatedly refused to look at the camera.

The Haul.
Weighing in at 3.5 POUNDS, we took home more than our fair share of candy, especially considering we only went to 10 - 12 houses.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


Robin said...

I thought Peyton was also going to have to go in her Halloween shirt. we tried 3 costumes and finally the one with the pink hair from Zada won!

He was quite adorable with his chicken legs and halloween shirt! And what a beautiful princess!

Alan Gable said...

3.5 pounds to 10 houses? Everything really is bigger in Texas...

Nicole McIntyre said...

Lil D's chicken legs are crackin' me up! That's why we just opted for the Halloween shirt to begin with. Our only problem was that when I wrapped the "mummy gauze" on his jeans, he wasn't in them so I wrapped it a little tight and we had some walking issues. Very peg leg.

And what a haul. We went to three houses and got a whopping 5 pieces of candy and 2 bags of animal crackers (the animal crackers courtesy of Deb Bills who knew Braedon was coming and wanted him to have something special. Sweet.)