Thursday, November 01, 2007


Anyone know how to get crayon out of your all time favorite couch that you've had since the summer you got married and you've never found a couch you like better and you thought you might cry when you saw the offending giant fish shaped mark even though you knew that it would eventually be defaced at the hands of your mongrel children?

Or just the crayon out of fabric part.

I actually got most of it out using plain old Dawn Dishsoap and wet wipes. Lucky, lucky kids.


Barbara said...

Put a piece of brown wrapping/parcel paper over the offending mark and iron over it very gently and carefully, starting with just a warmish iron. Keep doing this, putting a clean piece of paper over the mark each time. The idea is that the heat melts the wax onto the paper. I've used this method successfully with candle wax on clothing. Maybe it will work with wax crayon on sofa too. I hope so. Good luck!

Nicole McIntyre said...

This is from the Crayola website. They give you suggestions on how to remove their various products off of your various surfaces. Hope it helps!

(A quick google search turned up a bunch of other suggestions as well. I just typed in crayon removal)

Diana Richards said...

They sell Totally Toddler Stain Remover at Walmart in the baby has a pink top to it. It has worked on EVERYTHING we have needed it for thus far. Not crayons, yet, but I can't imagine it not working. Plus it is VERY safe on fabrics for everyone and smells baby-powder fresh!

Robin said...

Oh Kristen, I am so sorry! I guess this is why our parents never had nice things till we were older right?!? I keep telling myself about the couch that I really really want. I hope for your sake that something works!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Have you tried Scotchguard?? Just a thought.
Love your pictures!!
Linda Reddoch