Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Craziness! It's Thursday and the day hasn't started out badly and I'm not stressed! It's 48 degrees outside and I've already enjoyed my snuggles in bed with all of my family and I've had some delicious hot chocolate in my I Heart Jim mug. I got a lot packed yesterday, so I can truly stop this morning and be thankful for quite a lot of things.

1. The thing I am most thankful for today is tonight. Tonight, Dave and I will drop the crumb snatcher's off at MeMe & Pop's house and we will be having a date. I know!! We're going to go to Metro Cinema (a movie/dinner place) to watch Fred Claus and have some delicious beer battered onion rings, some pizza and maybe a little dessert. TASTY. Then we'll head home, pack up the bags into the truck and head to bed for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Strong.

2. I leave tomorrow for Mom's wedding! I'm so thankful that we're getting to spend the week with my awesome McCullough family and that two totally awesome events will be taking place. I'll be sure to bring back pictures of the wedding, I know you are all dying to see my killer dress Mom in all of her bridal splendor. But seriously, it's going to be a fun, cozy party and I'm so happy to have it all happen.

3. My cozy brown waffle knit shirt. If I could, I would buy seven of them and wear them every day of the week. Old Navy has outdone themselves with this superfly snuggly brown and pink shirt.

4. My Tot and my Bubba have been real troopers this week while I've run around with my head barely attached trying to plan and pack and play all at once. While there have been a few instances of walking into Tot's room and finding total destruction and her wearing seven dresses at once, it's been fun and I'm thankful it hasn't been worse.

5. I dreamed of cupcakes the night before last and it was awesome.

6. My mom is making cupcakes this week.

7. I got a sample of some Dove shampoo in the mail this week and it was awesome. Nothing like free samples to make you thankful for the indulgence.

8. I'm thankful that after much discussion of gas mileage vs. space, that David and I agreed on space and we are driving the Dodge Quad cab instead of my tiny Rav 4. The thought of driving for 10 hours with my kids being able to reach (i.e. hit) each other was haunting me. This way they are a good foot apart and there is the added benefit of us having plenty of space to put our ten thousand bags and accoutrements.

9. I'm thankful for the week ahead being full of turkey, pies, rolls, cake, casseroles, pickle trays, talking laughing, marrying, visiting, driving, moving, and did I mention cupcakes?

10. I'm thankful that I've been steadily crossing things off of my to do list and that I am able to sit here this morning and be truly thankful and not hurried and stressed like most Thursdays :)


Nicole McIntyre said...

I'm thankful that Nathan won a $100 shell giftcard at work so that we don't have to have the gas vs. space discussion next month.

Calamity Jean said...

I have my blog back...I totally forgot to tell you. If you link will you just use my first name! Have a fun trip and lets get together when you get home.


The Aubrinator said...

Awesome list!! Have a really great trip and best wishes to your mom and her mr.