Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Do List...

Finish Laundry
File mail
Pick Up Master Bedroom
Clean Bathrooms
Create packing list for kids
Start on packing list for Dave and I
Start packing kids stuff
Start packing our stuff
Clean out car
Pack kids for over night at MeMe & Pop's house on Thursday
Buy two more Christmas presents
Pack activity bags for car trip
Clean out fridge

And what have I actually done today??

Shopped for new make up from a cute discount store in Justin
Shopped for new Yankee Candles because I had a great coupon
Shopped for medicine for our colds
Stopped at Sonic for a DDP

You could say I am a bit in denial about all the work I have to do before we leave for Thanksgiving.


The Queen said...

Me too. Packing. I am draggin my feet - big time. BUT, after this post... I'm on it. Like a skeeter on a baby arm.

That was kinda gross, wasn't it.

Emily said...

Bears a similar resemblance to my "to do" list. We leave Monday and I'm no where NEAR ready to go. Best of luck!

J. Canterbury said...

I used to think that "Honey Do" lists were sprites of comedic fiction.

I laugh no more.

Sarah said...

"Like a skeeter on a baby arm"? LOL! My fave is "Like a rat on a cheetoh".

Good luck with your to-do's.