Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To Everything Plan, Plan, Plan.

This Friday, our family will once again become the Traveling Chapman's as we load up our truck and take the family to the Mediocre State of Missouri ( bad, Texas snobbery coming out) to visit my family for Thanksgiving and the awesomeness of my Mom's wedding. As you can imagine, a week long trip like this will be loads of fun, however, it will require so much preparation that it has the potential to drive me insane before we even leave the driveway. You see, traveling with adults is one thing, traveling with toddlers to a place that doesn't normally house toddlers is a whole 'nother story (Continue reading at An American Front Porch).

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Anonymous said...

Hey now, some of the world's BEST people make their homes in the Show-Me State!

GO CARDS! (Rams . . . now THERE'S the mediocrity you speak of . . . actually mediocre is a generous term!)

Sara Berry