Friday, November 09, 2007

Tot Speak/Bubba Speak

(I'm changing Tot's diaper, she picks her nose and sticks it in her mouth.)

UK: Tot that's gross don't do that.
Tot: No Mamma, boogers is so so yummy.
UK: Gross. No they aren't. And doing that will make you sick.
Tot: I already sick.

(she was)

UK: Fine then. It's still gross.

(I walk in the room, Tot is coloring on Little David's head)

UK: Tot! Quit that!!
Tot: It's fun to color on people

(in the car, I turn around and Tot is sucking on her toes)
UK: Tot! Stop that! Toes are so so yuck!
Tot: Not yucky, toes are so so yummy Mommy!

(in the bathroom, working on the potty training)

Tot: Wow! I make lots and lots of peepee and yucky poops!

(claps for herself, almost falls in)

(Trying to get Tot to sleep one night)

UK: I have to leave now, go to sleep.
Tot: No Mommy, I scared
UK: Don't worry, God is here and He's bigger than scary things, remember?
Tot: Why God take me away you?
(she means me away from her, we're still working on subject/noun placement)
UK: God isn't taking me away, mommy just needs to go to sleep, but God is still here.
Tot: God here?
UK: God is everywhere
Tot: Oh.
UK: He'll keep you safe.
Tot: God potect (protect) me spiders and ghosts??
UK: Yes, God is bigger than spiders and ghosts.
Tot: Oh good.
UK: Yep.

Words Little David Can Say (albeit rarely, that kid just never talks!)

Oh No.
Hook Em!
Touchdown! (sortof)
Tickle, Tickle, Tickle (okay, he only did it once, but I'm counting it)


Nicole McIntyre said...

too cute!

Sarah said...

Hilarious as always.

Robin said...

Little David sounds like Gavin. They don't have any chance to talk with their sisters!