Monday, December 31, 2007

I Am, Of Course, Resolute.

I am sure none of you expected anything less than a post of resolutions today. After all, I am The Queen of Resolutions. I resolve to do a giant amount of things all throughout the year, so why would I stop now? There is, I will admit, a small difference this year. I am finally, finally, able to say that I completed a good many of last years resolutions. Upwards of 40% and that's pretty awesome considering I usually complete about 0%. And resolutions are more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.

This year my resolutions are as follows:

1. Lose the last bit of my married weight. I have about 10 pounds that are rather stubborn (meaning that they won't come off without exercise and I haven't been inclined to persuade them in that manner) and I'm ready for them to be gone. With the last ten pounds gone, my total weight loss will be almost fifty pounds. That's rock star awesome.

2. Keep up the daily devotional the kids and I have been doing.

3. Start (and finish) all of the bible studies our women's group at church has.

4. Find a peaceful rhythm and balance at home. Basically, try not to be so dang anxious all the time.

5. Run an entire 5 k (slated for completion on April 28 - more info to follow) without walking.

6. Again, stop biting my nails. To be fair, I spent more time this year with non bitten nails than with bitten nails, but I'm going for gold in 2008.

7. Potty train the Tot. Sigh. I never thought it would take this long, but then again, I never imagined I would have a kid who completely didn't care if she was dirty and would outright lie if she thought she had a wet pull up. I also never imagined a child who was so prone to...loose just sticking her in a diaper and dealing with the messes becomes a much larger problem. But anyways, enough with the "why nots", this year she will be using that potty more than the three times a day she does now. And she will be in big girl panties regularly. This is my solemn vow.

8. Potty train Little David. Might as well get a jump start on it, you know?

9. Have another baby. Hahahaha. Just thought I'd freak out Dave when he read this. No, no babies here anytime soon.

10. Enjoy my days. I would like to make more of a point to do enjoyable things each day and not get bogged down in the things I have to do. I'd like to go to the park more, go to the library more, have more picnics, go to the zoo more, go to the botanical gardens more, take daily walks, color more pictures, paint more, draw more chalk pictures, go to more story times, play outside a few times every day, read more stories, bake more cookies, do more crafts, play more games, and of course, get a few more hugs and kisses. I'm not quite full up yet.


Calamity Jean said...

I just posted my 2008 goals too!! I can't wait to get started on them. Yours look challenging and very rewarding. I hope you guys have a good New Years Eve!

Kristen said...

If you ever want to do outings with the kids together let me know!!

Robin said...

Well Kristen, you may want to reconsider #9 if we are going to keep up on the trend that we have with our babies being so close together! Hahaha Just kidding! I am so proud of you that you only have 10 lbs to go! I was really looking forward to being hard core and losing my last 30 lbs until 2 weeks ago! Well, I lost weight at the beginning of my pregnancy with Gavin...could happen again. I mean since I have the extra anyway!

Good luck on your new, new year's goals!

LB said...

Great Resolutions! Good luck following through :-)

Anonymous said...

I know you can do it Kristen! Have a wonderful day!