Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Once again, the curse of the Thankful Thursday has struck. God really seems to know when I'm planning on being thankful so he pushes me to really mean it :). Tot has been having horrible sleep issues. I'm talking night terrors that last up to two hours, waking up at all hours of the night, being scared of her room, etc. Needless to say, it's thrown off our schedule considerably and none of us are dressed yet today, or have done any housework or are wearing pants working at top speed.

So, here are the things I'm thankful for today:

10. I'm thankful that when Tot woke up two days ago at 12:30am and started to eat the gingerbread men ornaments that I had made and painted that day, that she only nibbled on their heads and I can still give them to people.

9. I am thankful that the kids slept in this morning, enabling me to get a nice round 6 hours of sleep.

8. I'm thankful that even though Tot decided that she didn't want to eat any of the breakfast of pancakes, eggs, toast and banana that I made her this morning when she asked for it, that at least she told me so politely "Mommy, I no want to eat this please". Sigh.

7. I am thankful that my dog has been content to stay outside in the 35 degree weather after I let him out and not bark so much that I have to go outside and get him, thus freezing my personal parts off.

6. I am thankful that I'm going to a friend's house tomorrow for a great Girls Gotta Eat lunch with friends. Fast Food? Check. Kids for my kids to play with? Check. Lots of friends for me to play with? Check.

5. I am thankful that I have some awesome tentative New Years plans consisting of a board game marathon, Friends DVD's and margaritas with the McFaddins.

4. I am very, very thankful that I have no obligations today other than doing a load of dishes, a load of laundry and finding a way to get my kids to run some energy off.

3. I am thankful that I woke up at 4 am this morning to Tot sitting right beside me saying "Hi Mommy! I'm eating a cookie!" and not "Mommy! I threw up!".

2. I am thankful that Little David is the worlds most awesome cuddler and that he is content to sit and wiggle in my lap while I type.

1. I am thankful that Dave and I have babysitting on Saturday night to go to a grownups only Christmas Party :).

Thank you, Lord for large mercies.

Today's Thankful Thursday is brought to you by the Starbuck's Mint Mocha Frappachino that I found in my fridge this morning. Without it, I wouldn't be awake enough to type my name.


Robin said...

God always gives us opportunity for thanks doesn't he?!

What do you think about your mom's blog?!? ;) hahahaha I am so sorry about her being in pain, but her meds crack me up! Thank goodness Judy was there to help huh?!

Becky said...

oh my! sounds like i'm not the only one having "alexander days" with my kiddos these days. and super yea for adult only time!! God is a superstar to come through like that!!

Nicole McIntyre said...

I am also thankful for company Christmas parties. I'm way stoked to be putting on a gorgeous dress and being a woman, not a mom, for a night.