Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Favorites: Fantasy Christmas Wish List

In honor of the upcoming holiday, for Tuesday Favorites this week I'll be listing my Fantasty Christmas Wish List. These are favorite things that you would never buy yourself because, well, they are just ridiculously expensive. You'd never ask for them,either, because, well, they are just ridiculously expensive. However, they are still so completely awesome that you have to keep looking at them and drooling and dreaming. Also, since they are so extravagant, I will only list five. There needs to be some sanity, after all.

Here are my beauties:

5. Ugg Boots - I know, we've gone over this. But I still want to find a pair that A) fit my giant tree trunk calves and B) cost about $100 less. Good luck on that, UK.

4. The Republic of Tea: Tea of the Month Club - Once a month, you get a new, full leaf tea delivered right to your door. The first month you even get a full tea set and serving tray! Now seriously, how awesome would it be to know that each month you could expect a new and different present meant only for you and your total relaxation and enjoyment? Yeah, I could get behind that.

3. Juicy Couture Velour Tracksuit - Kill me now. Yes, I know exactly how ridiculous it is to spend $150 on something that you are planning to veg out in, and I know how tacky words on your butt are, and I know the stigma attached to these particular clothes, but they are so soft. I swear I would only wear it inside where no one could see....mostly.

And it comes in a gift box! I love gift boxes!!

2. Coach Pebbled Leather Shoulder Tot in Mahogany - Despite the fact that this thing of beauty has been discontinued, and that I couldn't even find a picture in the color I wanted, I still have the major hots for it. It's delicious buttery leather unmarred by branding or metal accessories, the perfection of it's size, the deep reddish brown color, and the strap that hangs at just the right height...sigh. One day, my precious, one day.

1. Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Eau de Parfum Spray - Sigh. As I'm sure you gathered from the title, this is no Perfumania perfume you would find in an outlet mall. This is designer stuff, and while it is the best smell I've ever smelled and I would love to take a giant scented bath in it, at $90 per 1.7 oz., that would be a little excessive.

But oh, how awesome I would smell.

So, what is on your Fantasy Christmas List?


jlired said...

hehe...the boots are on my list too :) so adorable

Becky said...

hey, your boots were on the "oprah's favorite things" show this year for Christmas...did you see?

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I saw!! I was crazy jealous :)

Anonymous said...

I just want to do a little advertising for a friend...

In response to #4:

If you remember Carla McCarty (now Stevens) from Harding, she has started this company and let me tell ya...I'm not a tea gal, but this stuff is awesome!

Robin said...

I have posted my Tuesday favorites on my blog. It is about the kids though and things they they alredy have...so not really my Christmas fantasy list, but ya know...it is a post anyway! ha
I didn't have anything on my fantasy list this year...mainly a new Bible!

Nicole McIntyre said...

I got a velour tracksuit for Christmas of the non-JC variety and am totally in love with it. I feel very uptown soccer mommish in it! And tea would rock!

1-5 on my list are all the same: spa day!

Anonymous said...

hey - i posted my selfish desires on my blog too!!! hehehe


Emily said...

I posted my wishlist on my blog, too. this is fun!