Monday, January 14, 2008

Crazy Plans

I think I am finally out of my November/December slump. I decided to take the time from Thanksgiving on to pretty much do nothing. I kept up with the necessities of living like buying groceries, washing what had to be washed to wear the next day, and wiping down the bathroom. But that was pretty much it. I had planned to pick back up where I left off in January, knowing that there would be no more major interruptions to my day-to-day life for the next few month, thank you Lord.

No more traveling, no more holidays, no more big anythings on the horizon - which may be the sweetest words I've ever heard. Our calendar is pretty blank, except for a standing Friday night date with the McFaddins , and that is never a chore since I wear my pj's and don't have to clean. They are my dirty house friends. And thank goodness, because November and December were definitely Dirty House Months.

But not January.

Friends, I feel myself again. Without the looming dread of a crazy holiday season with two very unwilling to change routine toddlers, I can finally get my home moving the way I like it.

I like to know what we'll be having for dinner, as opposed to figuring I'll think about it later only to realize I have nothing in the pantry so we order Jet's pizza (which isn't a bad thing, but it isn't very friendly to the dollars or to the waist).

I like to know I have clean clothes in every closet, as opposed to assuming that I have clean clothes somewhere and then remembering that I don't, five minutes before church.

I like to look down and see carpet, that while stained with the merrily flung tidbits of juice from our legion of sippy cups, is at least recently vacuumed and dog hair free, as opposed to...well...not.

I like to look at our closets and dressers and see clothes hung and folded neatly and not heaped upon each other in an undiscriminating pile.

I like to have one set, written plan to accomplish all those little to do's that have accumulated in my mind
as opposed to accumulating and accumulating them over the course of two months and doing nothing about them so you aren't really sure if you've changed your mind about some of them or just forgotten.

And I have a feeling that this week, finally, I'll get back in my groove and have things ship shape in no time. I am, after all, Unsinkable.


Nicole McIntyre said...

Totally know the feeling. I woke up this morning with my inner neat freak screaming to be let out. I was a lazy bum after the first round of Christmas traveling. Here's to our month of relaxation before getting back in the saddle!

Lisa said...

Hi Kristen! This may seem like a strange comment, but I'm a teacher and I'm just beginning the whole project based learning thing... I saw your name as a teacher who was doing it at Milan Elementary a few years back... Is this you?? I would love to pick your brain a little! :)

Emily said...

Best of luck to you in your January goals. I'm struggling, but trying so hard. Maybe knowing I'm not the only one will help.