Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday I'm In Love

I am in love with my Tot. My can't-stop, always moving, always talking, always laughing Tot. She has been a terror of a three year old, but always with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. I always love her, I even always like her. But today I love her to itsy bitsy chewable pieces.

Today was the back-to-back check up for the kids. The results? They are both healthy, wealthy, and wise. Tot is in the 60th percentile for height and weight (38" and 36 lbs.) and Little David is in the 93rd percentile (shocker) for height and weight (35" and 32 lbs.). Funny enough, Little David is also in the 40th percentile for head size. He's like a snowman.

And today, for the first time EVER, a doctors appointment with both kids did not end in tears for Mommy. Tot was a perfect, awesome little angel. She did everything the Doctor asked her to, I didn't have to hold her head still while he looked up her nose and she sat still and munched on pretzels and raisins and freshly shelled pecans (Thanks Nichols family!) while Little David was looked at. She didn't open doors, ruffle through drawers, tear the bed paper off, rip apart magazines, poop, eat cotton balls, scratch her brother, empty my diaper bag or anything. I was able to keep them both occupied for the double appointment with out any major, or really minor, meltdown and we all left smiling.

The shocker? They both got shots. Little David got three and Tot got two. They were both nothing less than wonderful. They cried a little and then immediately calmed down. Tot is even calling herself "Taylor the Brave". Killing me.

But I say that I love Tot today not because of this, but because of what happened when we got home.

She went nuts.

I tried to put her down for a nap today. We are phasing the napping out, because, well, she never sleeps. But she hadn't napped yesterday, had nightmares all night long, woke early, and then got shots. I figured the kid needed to rest. She, however, disagreed. She kept getting out of bed over and over and over for every reason under the sun ("I'm just a quite a little bit thirsty" "I need this special blankie [my red hoodie]" "I think Bubba needs a kiss", etc.) and eventually I told her that if she kept disobeying she would get a spanking.

Needless to say, she got out again.

So she got spanked on the bare behind three times.

She was not a fan.

But she got out again.


So she got spanked on the bare behind three times.

She was not a fan.

But she got out again.

Still Laughing.

And this repeated itself until she had accumulated 18 total spankings. Seriously.

Finally by that point she was seriously crying, but still trying to get out.

So I went into her room and asked her why in the world she kept getting out of bed if she knew that when she disobeyed she would get a spanking.

"I just need a hu-hu-hug."

Certainly not because she thought I would break eventually. Certainly not because she thought I would just give in and put on a movie. No..... she needed a hug.

So I gave her a hug and tucked her into her tiny toddler bed with my red hoodie (no idea where the attachment came from) and I bent myself into the bed and lay there with her, crunched up beyond belief.

She sighed and smiled and fell asleep in two minutes.

Morals of the Story:

1. I am the parent, not her. If I know she needs to sleep, she needs to sleep.
2. I can not help but adore a child so independent and yet who loves me so much, that even after 18 spankings she wants me to snuggle with her.
3. That girl needs a bigger bed. I am not toddler sized and my back hurts.


Emily said...

Wow, way to be consistent! That is certainly an age I fear, but I pray that I have the patience and diligence that you do!

Calamity Jean said...

I loved this story. I just want to run over and hug you both!!

Momma Fish said...

awwww, dearest daughter, she is a chip off the old unsinkable. Nice consistent parental behavior. Your gramps will be pleased, if you get my drift.

Diana Richards said...

Sweet, sweet, sweetness. How precious a day that has been for you two! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I think Tot and Little Miss are cut from the same cloth. I have learned from a similar experience and humbling, to ask what Little Miss needs before I exert my awesome momness on her.

And Yay for good doc visits!!! I am so excited to go to the doc now with LM. So yes, you have made it to the next phase of toddlerhood :)