Monday, January 07, 2008

A Good Day, Tater.

Sunday was awesome. Just awesome. And this is why:

Unexpected breakfast in bed (a delicious omelet made by Dave & Tot)
Late church service with a rock star sermon
Quiet afternoon time with kids napping/resting
A mowed lawn
2 + hours playing outside just as a little family
Hilarious bathtime with lots of splashing
Sweet snuggles during bedtime movie
Watching AMERICAN GLADIATOR while eating grilled steaks and chips and salsa.

What a good and restful start to my week.

And now I will push more pictures on you. Sorry. Ish.

Does he not look like a rugged little thing?

The kids actually playing together. Gasp.

Tot and our ginormous dog Bear, and our new puppy, Foxy.



Emily said...

It does look like you had a fabulous day. If only the weather was that great up in the NW!
Wasn't American Gladiators fun to watch?

Robin said...

I would love to have an afternoon outside! I can't believe that your mom is actually missing the snow!

Emily said...

Thanks for the book tips. I'll look into both of them.

Nicole McIntyre said...

I love pictures! Bring 'em on! I think it's hysterical that you have to mow your lawn in January, by the way.

The Aubrinator said...

American Gladiator RULED, didn't it? How 'bout that Helga chick? She's YUUGE!