Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Woosahhhh Wooosaahhh

-Kids going bonkers in the A.M.? Check.
-Playdate ruined by massive winds that scare all present children? Check.
-Lunch at Chick Fil A ending with breakdown and dragging kids outside screaming? Check.
-Accidentally locking only the Tot and my purse in the car while I freak out with Little David? Check.
-God blessing me with April's cellphone and a person to watch Little David? Check.

-Talking and gesturing to Tot resulting in her opening the locked door all by herself? Priceless.

-Total and completely unforeseen meltdown upon returning home resulting in spankings, early naptime and a bruised little brother? Typical.


Nicole McIntyre said...

I'm trying so hard not laugh. Okay, so I am. Way to go, Tot with the whole unlocking the door thing!

Angela said...

And blogging about it so that you can vent enough to NOT kill the kids after nap time and can attempt, at least attempt, starting things off right. Good luck with that!

Momma Fish said...
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Becky said...

oh girl...bless you! and so glad for your friend's cell phone. i locked my car while it was running before. fortunately i hadn't put the kiddo in the car yet. and that tot is a smart girl!

The Garrett's said...

You totally deserve some pizza rolls today!!! :)

Angie (T2CHK)