Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Missing: Tuesday Favorites

Sorry, dearest of Reader Friends, Tuesday Favorites was totally forgotten yesterday. I'm watching a new little boy on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, and yesterday was our first day. In the hustle and bustle of adding a 13 month old to the mix, I definitely didn't have time to even check my email (the humanity!).

Never fear, though. Later today I will post my "Wednesday Favorites" and next week we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. Same BatTime, Same BatChannel.


Sarah said...

Do you still swear by that favorite mascara that you posted about before? I got the ELF mascara and it absolutely sucks. (Don't waste your $1). So I need to get some new mascara. Also, what shade do you use?

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Most definitely. Still using it, still loving it. I got black/brown or brownish black or whatever because I have fair skin and straight black looks silly on me.

Also, I'm getting ready to try CoverGirl LashBlast (the one Drew Barrymore advertises). I've heard it's great and lives up to it's hype (however much hype a mascara can get, that is) and it's on sale at Target.

So, there you have it.

Sara Berry said...

I WANTED to love the mascara you recommended, I really did. And I do love the shiny green tube. But to be honest, it clumps pretty badly. :*(

Anonymous said...

Allow me to suggest Lash Exact by cover Girl in the pretty purple tube. No clumping, defines well and works very very well.

Sara Berry said...

I actually have the Volume Exact and like it OK, so I will give the Lash Exact a try my next-go-round. Thanks for the suggestion.