Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tuesday Favorites: New Favorite Foods Edition

The past few weeks I have been on an eating parade. It's been awesome (except for that whole can't fit in my small jeans thing) and I've even gained some new friends. You know how you can know about a food for a long time, maybe even have tried it, but one day it just pops to life and suddenly you can't get enough? Well, I have five of those.

5. Entenmann's New York Coffee Cake. This is so good that I most certainly did not eat the entire top off of the thing. Nope. Didn't totally ignore the cake and go straight for the powdered sugar topping. That wouldn't be dignified.

4. Pizza Rolls. Now I have always been a fan of The Roll, they being the study snack of choice in college. However, my consumption of them had dwindled until recently. Dave and I bought a huge bag for New Years Eve and we totally forgot to bake them. So now we've just been steadily plowing through the things and I'm embarrassed to say that I could down a bag of 45 if I put my mind to it. Thankfully, Dave is always there to split them with me so my gluttony remains unchallenged.

3. Graham Crackers. After Little David was born, Tot went through a huge graham
cracker phase. That was the only snack she wanted, thus the only snack we kept in the house. I'm convinced that they helped me lose the baby weight because anytime I was feeling hungry I munched on two of those (the reduced fat kind) and I felt full for ages. But alas, they went out of vogue with the Tot and thus out of the pantry. Then this Christmas I was charged to make dessert for 14 and I chose my Mom's Eclair Dessert, which calls for graham crackers. And my fate was cemented. I'm now crunching along happily each day. Hopefully, they will again work their weight loss magic.

2. Flat Bread. Obviously, this is not a new thing, but I never thought about buying some just to eat it at home. It's probably a good thing I didn't, otherwise I'd have flatbread hips now. No, not flat hips, dough hips. But I don't see the harm in eating a piece or two each hour day week. Especially when you dip it in......

1. Hummus. Oh, hummus, how did I ignore you for so long?? Your delicious chickpea-ness, your rock star ability to make carrots taste awesome, and the way you combine with flat bread to create a treat so extraordinarily delicious that I could die from it's perfection - all this cements my love for you.

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