Wednesday, January 23, 2008 Favorites: Candy Edition

I love me some candy. There is no one in the world that knows me that hasn't heard "Oh, you're having a bad day? Eat some M&M's, they make everything better." Would that everyone knew me for saying that we should pray in hard times, but there you go. So, in honor of my unholy fixation, I'm giving you the best candy there is. Prepare yourself.

5. Milky Way. I have nothing funny to say about this candy bar, however, it's been my favorite actual candy bar since childhood and it deserves some recognition. It contains milk chocolate, caramel, and nougat, all in perfect proportions. For this I am grateful. I am not as grateful for the ten pounds it made me gain my freshman year of college when the vending machine was right down the hall from my dorm room. But you know, you win some you lose some.

4. Junior Mints. Note: I hate that I can never find junior mints when I want them. Specifically at the movies. As Jimmy Buffet said "I don't want a 12 lb. nestle crunch bar for $25, I want Junior Mints!" Preach it, Jimmy. All a girl needs is a big ole box of the perfectly balanced chocolate and minty goodness and a new Harry Potter movie. Did I mention they have been a low fat candy since 1949? Life is good.

3. Naps. So, I say that naps are sortof a candy. They are just as delicious (who hasn't thought that while snuggling under a favorite blanket on the couch?) and just as addicting. You don't normally have one, but one day after lunch you find it. It looks nice, you say to yourself "Just today". The next day you think to yourself "Wow, that really capped off my lunch nicely. I bet I can make that happen again." And you do. The similarities are endless.

2. Twizzlers. Picture this: 4th anniversary, myself 8 months pregnant with Little David, full from a lovely meal of Hibachi and sushi. Dave and I are are swooning with our love for each other as we drive towards the movie theater. Then it hits. "Dave, I need twizzlers." "Okay, we'll get them at the theater." "No, I need them right now. And I don't want to see a movie. I just want twizzlers." "Okay, here's a CVS, we'll get some here." 2 hours, 2 magazines, 1 book, and 3 bags of twizzlers later, I am one very happy pregnant woman and we have had the weirdest anniversary ever.

1. The One, The Only.....M&M. Plain or Peanut, Dark Chocolate or Peanut Butter, any M&M will fix your day in a second. Now, it can't be a measly "M", you have to take them in bulk or the magic won't work. Get a one pound bag (or an 8 ounce bag, but nothing less than a king size), grab a big handful. Pop them all in your mouth at once, feel the goodness begin. Your day just got the best it will ever get.


Robin said...

I just got this e mail today and thought of you! Actually went through the steps to see how much it was and I had to stop. I will let you find that out on your own! That "package" that i was going to send you in the fall was a box of leaves, since you don't get to see the colors change down there...needless to say, I didn't get it out and they are nasty now!
I was going to send you customized M$M's, but they are definitely NOT Dave Ramsey friendly! Hahaha

Amy Lu said...

I broke down and got a pound of PB M&Ms. It's worth it.

Sarah said...

(I must've glanced over your explanation of "Naps" because I was actually trying to figure out if I'd ever had those. Then I re-read your explanation and realized they were my absolute fave!)

Definitely dark chocolate M&Ms for me.

I add to my candy list: Nerds & Hot Tamales.

Momma Fish said...

Oh! Hot Tamales!!! I think I ate about 5 HUGE packages in one week. (Right after I made my New Year's resolution to lose weight) Needless to say, my blood sugar did not thank me. But who can resist their hot tamale-ness? Or their cinnamon-y goodness wrapped in a chewy covering of parafin dyed with red dye #5?

ummmmmmm ... gotta love the tamales.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Unsinkable's Mom. You just made me CRAVE Hot Tamales and I can't do anything about it!