Monday, January 21, 2008

Walking Through My House At Night

I am never more happy than when I am walking through my house at night. No matter the reason for being up so late, I am filled with such gratefulness that sometimes it's hard to breathe. I check on my family, one by one, to make sure they are warm and comfortable and sleeping well.
I walk in to Tot's room first. I cover her up with her blankets, since she always kicks them off, put her Grumpy Bear in her arms and move her cup to the table by her bed. I tuck her hair behind her ears, whisper that I love her, and kiss her on the temple. It's my favorite spot.
I walk down the hall to Little David's room and open the door as quietly as I can. I check to make sure the space heater is still on, since his is the coldest room in the house. I look over into his crib and make sure he has a pacifier in reach for when he rouses, and I cover him up with his blanket and tug his shirt down over his little belly. I lean over as far as I can, sometimes balancing on the edge of the crib with my little belly, and kiss him right where his ear meets his neck. It's my favorite spot. I whisper that I love him as I sneak out of the room and close the door as quietly as I can.
Then I walk through the kitchen and check on the other family members, Bear and Foxy. I make sure that Foxy is on her blankets and that Bear is in his bed, and that there is plenty of water in the bowl so they don't wake up and bark. I scratch their ears, and the tip of their noses. It's my favorite spot. I tell them I love them even though they smell, and walk to my last stop.
The last stop is, of course, my own room. There in our bed, my David is sleeping like a ton of bricks. I go over to him and check to make sure he isn't too hot, like he always is. I straighten the covers over him and check that the alarm clock is set for the next day. I get in on my side and snuggle down in the blankets and up to Dave, kissing him right between the eyes. It's my favorite spot. I lay back on my pillows and hook my foot around Dave's and fall asleep thinking about how very lucky I am, to have such a great family all snuggled up in their beds. Happy, warm, full, and sleeping.


Sarah said...

Awww that's sweet.

Anonymous said...

Girl I am so with you! I pretty much do the exact same thing...even wrapping the foot around:)....God is good all the time!

Robin said...

This should be your next publication! I am sure that you have other "works" that would be great too, but I loved the common repetition of "that is my favorite spot". It is like my favorite children's book for my kids...I love you forever! I still cry every time I read it...not matter how frequently. Some of that is the prego hormones again, but not all of it! Anyway, that is my 2 cents.

(we can't sneak into Gavin's room as he is one of the lightest sleepers I know! However, I do the same for Peyton, but my favorite spot is her forehead.)

Robin said...

I am serious, I am adding another really need a newspaper column or something. Emma Meyer is writing for several papers now, however once you do it professionally it may not be as fun! Just a thought...and then I guess I will have to subscribe to a Texas paper then! ha

Anonymous said...

You are truly a blessed woman. Your family is truly loved.

** my word verification starts with TOT :)

Anonymous said...

That is so precious Kristen. YOU are precious. Whatever is in your heart will come out of your mouth (or typed)....that's in the Bible.
And what you wrote about your family....your family is your heart. How beautiful Kristen!
Linda Reddoch

Kristen said...

I love this post!

Katrina said...

Sweet, sweet post! I do the same midnight perimeter prowl, stopping to pray and sigh over the tiny, sprawled bodies in their bunk beds. This was such a great piece of writing. May the blessings continue to overflow!