Friday, February 29, 2008

My Frugal Friday

First of all, I need you to know that I am fully aware of how dorky I am about to be. But I'm so totally stoked about my grocery shopping trip that I simply have to share with you. Feel free to ignore this post if you can't take it. I understand.

I got all of the stuff in the picture for $1.00. A DOLLAR, you guys. That's five packages of chicken nuggets that the kids love, four tubes of toothpaste we actually use, 4 rather delicious and low fat (for real) Ramen lunches, and two packages of liners. And honestly, the liners were .50 a piece and I got the rest of that stuff for free. FREE, baby! Love me some free stuff.

And in conclusion, if you aren't cutting coupons you are SO paying too much for your groceries. I do spend more time now preparing than I use to, but I am saving a kajillion dollars each week. For example, this week my grocery bill (including diapers for two & the billion gallons of milk we go through) was $106.54. With coupons and my Kroger card, my total was $66.48. I saved 38% of my bill just by taking a little more time. And those savings add up really fast. And they also earn me some major bonus points with David for being such a frugal little hausfrau. Pretty strong, huh?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well, hello! Sorry I've been a bit MIA, we've had some super snuggly days and I couldn't seem to drag myself away from my quilt, the couch, and the kids long enough to post anything. My bad. However, I will say that my few days of snuggles have definitely left me in a very thankful mood. So I have that going for me, which is nice. I super special promise that I won't leave you for so long again. How did you ever survive?

But anyways, on to the Thankfulness!

1. I am thankful that yesterday I didn't get out of my jammies or off of the couch until 11am. For real. The kids took turns snuggling into me while we watched Stanley and Dora and it was bliss.

2. I am thankful that my David is the best husband ever. Yesterday, he got me Diet Dr. Pepper twice without me asking me for it. He just came up to me at church and handed me one (yes, I totally swooned) and then when he went out to get milk he brought me home a 12 pack. Ladies, a man who will feed your caffeine addiction is a keeper and deserves many kisses.

3. I am thankful that so far today the kids aren't arguing much. It's rather pleasant.

4. I am thankful that I rocked breakfast's face off this morning. I made Toasty Smiles - Buttered bread with a smiley face cut out laid on top of an egg and then fried up. Cute and delicious. The kids completely ignored them and demanded cereal, but I ate mine with a smile on my face and am now full and content.

5. I am thankful for my family who I get to talk to daily. I will never forget how blessed I am to have family that I actually want to talk to on a daily basis.

6. I am thankful that my new slippers are adjusting to daily life nicely. You can already see my footprint in them and the bottoms are scratched and dirty. If they start to rip, we'll know it's love.

7. I am super, crazy, thankful that Dave decided I needed a night off each week. Starting next week, Thursday nights are mine. I can go to the library, to a movie, to a yoga class, to Starbucks, anywhere, all by myself. Delicious. Also, the odds of me scrapping my plans to lay on the couch with Dave and watch TV are high. But the fact remains that I could go if I wanted to.

8. I am thankful that Dave said he's going to buy me a new "nose pretty" as Tot calls my nose piercing. The one I have now tends to dangle, making it look like I have a giant silver booger. Classy. We're going to a wedding on Saturday, and Dave thought I should deck myself out with some new nose finery.

9. I am thankful for my home. It's not the biggest, and it's not the newest, and it's certainly not the fanciest. But it's cozy, it's comfortable, and every time I walk in the door, I smile. It doesn't get much better than that.

10. I am thankful that God gave me the two cutest kids in the world. Yes, even cuter than yours (I kid, I kid ....ish). They may be a handful and I may be losing my hair, but nothing beats Tot calling to me at night saying "Mommy, I just need to snuggle to you. Just a little longer."

Monday, February 25, 2008


It's 91 degrees here today. In February.

Is that not insane??

Friday, February 22, 2008

Stinking Great Friday.

I know it doesn't rhyme, but I'm having such a good day that I don't care.

Here are my Good Day Bulletin Points:

*I saved over $30 on groceries this morning using coupons. Strong.
*I accidentally bought two bunches of bananas (I go to two different stores to grocery shop), but this means that I won't have run out of them by next Thursday.
* I got milk for $2.00 a gallon. Seriously. We go through so much milk that when I saw these two gallons marked down because they would expire next weekend, I hopped on them like white on...milk.
*I'm getting make up in the mail today!! Woo Hoo!!
* My totally awesome sister in law is watching the kids tonight so Dave and I can go on a Valentines Fortnight Date.
*I will soon be munching on Unagi, Colonial Roll, and Baked King Prawn with Cheese. I may die of yumminess.
*I am currently eating Ramen noodles I got for free.
*I saw an old friend today at the store and she told me I looked cute.
*The kids went to three stores today and didn't act up at all. Here's hoping that they can make it through another two after nap time. On second though, I may just not push it and get that stuff done tomorrow. Why tempt fate?
*I know I've been talking a ton about my groceries a lot, but seriously, getting a good deal is like a very dorky high.
*My house isn't too dirty. I may leave it this way.
*I have a new episode of LOST tivo-ed and I may watch that while eating cookies.
*I woke up this morning at 3:40am because I thought I heard something. I went to Tot's room, and there she was, fully awake, sitting in the middle of her bed with the lights on eating peanut butter out of the jar with her fingers. The reason this is in my Good Day post is because now she is so exhausted that she's actually napping :).

I hope you all have a great day, too!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon.

So, I had this awesome day planned today. The kids and I were going to go to Payless for some shoe shopping, then to WalMart to buy a new printer, then we were going to get a little tasty something for lunch. We would stop by the library to get some books and movies, and then they would nap and I would read and finish cleaning and fold some laundry while admiring my new shoes. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

But alas, the sickness has come upon me. It seems that while bragging that my body has super powers, my sinuses were preparing to open the flood gates and prove me wrong. This morning, I am most certainly not shoe shopping. I am curled upon my desk chair fighting the overwhelming nausea that comes from drinking DayQuil on an empty stomach. Next time you hear me say anything so blatantly untrue as "I never get sick", will some one please come over here and beat me?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 Things I've Learned From Being A Mom

I was tagged by my friend Becky, and since she's pretty tough, I thought I better do it. Here are some of the things motherhood has taught me. Obviously, this isn't an exhaustive list because I would be way too embarrassed about all the things I didn't know beforehand. Anyways...

10. Plan to throw out any preconceived ideas of what your child will look/act/progress/be like. It's never quite how you pictured it. Mostly it's great, but sometimes you see your kid licking the snot coming out of her nose and think "Did I really contribute to that?" Also, make no concrete parenting decisions before you've met your child. I have a whole book on Mothering My Nursing Toddler that was deemed useless when Tot mercilessly weaned herself at 10 months.

9. Count yourself lucky if you and your husband have different squick factors. Mine is blood and Dave's is puke. Between the two of us, we've got the big kid messes covered. Which is good, because these things happen much more often than you think. If you are squicked out by everything, well, sorry 'bout your luck.

8. You will be suddenly able to distinguish your child's dirty diaper smell from any other kid's in the room. It's a gross power, but a power none the less.

7. You can go without sleep for years if you really need to. Personally, I haven't slept eight hours (with no interruptions) regularly (more than 3 days in a row) in almost four years. However, I've also developed a small tick in my left eye and sometimes forget direct objects.

6. You will sometimes look back at yourself, before you had kids, and wonder how you could have ever thought yourself happy without these little people in your life. You will also look at this same period of time with just your and your husband and wonder why, why, you didn't appreciate it (even if you totally did, you'd just appreciate it differently now).

5. Your favorite foods of yore will find themselves back in vogue. Suddenly, Mac & Cheese totally tastes delicious again. Vienna Sausages hold a certain appeal. And darned if that Apple & Plum baby food doesn't taste like a tiny smoothie.

4. There will be days when you sit back and wish you didn't know so much about so many people's bathroom habits. There will also be days you wish your kids didn't want to know everything about your bathroom habits.

3. Buying clothes second hand is the best thing I do that I wish I did earlier. You can get brand new/almost new clothing for less than half of what it would cost at a regular store. Think of all those baby clothes that you got at your shower in giant sizes, only to put them away and forget about them until they look like doll clothes next to your child. Buy second hand while your kid doesn't know the difference. Use the money to buy M&M's. Much more practical.
Add Image
2. Your definition of "dirty" will change dramatically. Pacifier on the ground? Lick it and Stick it, we always say.

1. No one wakes up the day after they have a baby and suddenly transform into Donna Reed. Cut yourself some slack. It takes years for people to settle into their "Mommy Groove" and it's totally by trial and error. You try different schedules, different ways of accomplishing the same things over and over again until you find a way that works for you. And sometimes, something that used to work when you had an 8 month old doesn't work now that you have a 2 1/2 year old and an eight month old. Being a mom is all about adapting to your circumstances while picking the things you won't change. It's a hard balance to walk, and sometimes you screw up, but you'll find your way. It just takes a little time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Favorites: Sick Family Dinner Edition

So, tonight I was faced with a truly daunting task. Upon arriving home from work, my David announced that he had caught something at work. Now, a little sickness is normal, but in our house it's like a very unpleasant view into the future. This future includes a few days of a very grumpy, very medicated Dave. In order to stay functional for work (because no real man would let a cold make him stay home), Dave must recieve equal measures of Claritin, DayQuil, NyQuil, Water, Sleep and Babying. Don't let the last three fool you, though. If he doesn't get these as often as he gets the others, the sickness will rage on well past it's time. All this isn't too bad, I mean, babying your husband isn't always easy while the kids are awake, but it's rather nice to do things for him and then hear in a scratchy, grumpy voice "You're the bestest."

The problem comes when, invariably, the kids get sick.

With Dave, I can pretty much tell you exactly what will happen when he gets sick. He will be unexplainably irritable for a few days, will come home with the realization that he's sick, we will pump him so full of medicine he sweats NyQuil, he'll avoid all greasy foods, and then in about a week he'll be back to normal. But with the kids, anything goes. They may get grumpy and tired, they may get grumpy and excited. They may eat like horses, and they may hunger strike. They may sleep twice as much, they may sleep twice as less. And they may each choose to do different things at the same time. No, folks, it's no picnic.

And guess who never gets sick? Me. For some reason, my body must operate on some insane performance level because while the rest of the family is sick and gross, I get by with nary a cough. This could be because at the mere sign of Dave getting the grumpys I toss back a glass of AirBorne like it's a shot of schnapps (which I don't actually care for, but you get the picture, right?). But it could also be God's way of ensuring my family survives because I'm pretty sure that I'm a bigger baby than David.

All this to say, that tonight Dave's sick beginnings let me know that I'm in for a long few days.

And so, I bring you this week's (belated) Tuesday Favorites. These are four dinners that your very own Unsinkable has deemed perfectly acceptable when one or more of your family is sick and you are too busy tending to their needs to fix the delightful and rounded meal you normally do.

5. Lunchables. When your kids are sick, you want nothing more than to get something in them so that you can get them to sleep as soon as possible. And Lunchables are where it's at. Yes, they have an insane amount of sodium. Yes, the preservatives would probably preserve a cow for a decade. No, there is nothing in them that resembles either a fruit or a vegetable. But my kids will EAT them. And there is something to be said for the utter convenience of offering your children, who up until now have refused every morsel of food you've offered for the last 48 hours, something they will gobble up until their bellies are full enough to sleep long and hard. And there is nothing better than sick kids sleeping.

4. Papa John's Breadsticks. I understand that you may not see this as a full meal, however, do let me explain. When your sickie has been draining all day long, what they need is a good solid hunk of bread to soak all the nasty up. My husband informed me that a giant sub would also work, but since we couldn't agree between Subway and Quizno's (meatball availability vs. all around superior quality) we just went with basic bread. Also, as a bonus for the non-sickie, you get all the special garlic dipping sauce.

3. Any Kind Of Pizza That Can Be Delivered. The ultimate low effort meal. The grease may be too much fora gippy tummy, but it will do wonders for your spirit. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times "Grease makes my heart happy."

2. Lipton Noodle Soup and Cherry Juicy Juice. This is probably a personal preference, but every since I was teeny tiny, this was my sick food of choice. Sometimes Mom would mix it up a bit and buy some Ginger Ale, but the Liptons and Juicy Juice were key. The Liptons is easy on the belly and makes you feel full (and it isn't too bad if the kids throw it up), and the Juicy Juice gets you that vitamin C and it tastes great (alas, it is not the easiest to clean up if it comes back). And seriously, soup and juice for dinner? Awesome. And almost no dishes.

1. Popcorn and Dr. Pepper. Technically, this isn't a dinner. And it's not for the whole family. This, my mothering/wifing friends, is your reward. When all the sick ones are finally asleep, when you have a quiet house for the first time all day, and when you are so wide awake that you can't even dream of falling asleep with your family, this is what you break out. You pop that corn (and please, no "low" anything. There is a time for the big guns, and this is it) and you pop that tab and then you plop those buns in front of the TV. You snuggle down for some uninterrupted YOU time and you find the funniest thing you have around and you laugh the day away. In fact, if you'd like, I have a feeling I will be doing exactly this tomorrow night. Feel free to join me - all you need is a snack, a drink, a sleeping family, and something hilarious. Okay, then? It's a date.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Goodbye, Old Friends.

It was the Fall of 1999. I had just transferred from Lipscomb University in Tennessee to Harding University in Arkansas. While I had liked Lipscomb, the social quality at Harding was beyond compare. Harding dorm life taught me the value of staying up until 1am taking pictures of friends with bras on our heads, dressing up like tramps (because we were way too chicken to actually dress like that for real. Also, we had taste.) and again taking pictures, running around mooning everyone on our floor, crank calling the guy dorms, and stealing all the towels while people were showering. Good times.

It was during these hijinks that I learned the value of warm feet. While it was hilarious fun to run around in the wee hours of the morning doing stupid things, ones feet often got cold. And so, one evening I went to The Wal-Mart. Now, The Wal-Mart in Searcy, Arkansas is not just A Wal-Mart. It is where a college student goes to buy everything. Everything. It is where you grocery shop, where you hang out with friends when you are bored, and where you buy all the orange markers for Shantih Pledge Week (or whatever color the rest of you used). It was on one of these myriad trips to The Wal-Mart that I found them. A hot pink pair of fuzzy, tacky, cheap house slippers. And knowing that I planned to run around doing something that night, I had to have them.

Over my years at Harding, these slippers were one of the only things that never changed. I wore them every night without fail during my sophomore year of craziness, my junior year of fake maturity, my first senior year of Resident Advisery (a.k.a. strict Christian college curfew checker), and my last senior semester of marriage. The pink began to fade, the tred completely wore off, and they started to take on a generally gnarly appearance. But I didn't care. You see, I loved them.

When Dave and I had both graduated and we moved to Texas, I packed up all our belongings and readied them for storage at his parents house where we would be living until Dave found a job. The first night there, I went to get in my jammies and when I looked for my pink house shoes....they were missing. I took a deep breath and looked through a few boxes. Nothing. I took some more faster, shallow breaths and looked through some more boxes. Nothing. By this point, Dave was looking at me with not a little worry as I started to hyperventilate and cry because I couldn't find these slippers. And then, they appeared. To this day, I think God did me a little favor because at some point, I had attached security to those slippers.

And again, years passed.

I wore the slippers while pregnant with Taylor, in the wee morning hours of nursing. I wore them as we moved to a new home and through another pregnancy with Little David and countless nights of wee hour wakings. I can look back at the last 9 years, and in almost every evening memory I have, those slippers are there. They went with me on our trip to England, on our trips to visit family, and on our 5th anniversary trip. Those slippers are packed with almost ten years of memories.

But, a pair of slippers can only last so long. At some point, the charming gnarliness turned to absolute death. They are barely pink anymore, instead an almost flesh color. Gross, I know. The padding long since washed away, they are so worn through that I can literally fit my entire foot through a hole in the front left slipper. It's way past time, but I couldn't give up on them.

I became aware last summer that I was going to have to do something about the shoes. I looked high and low, searched through every slipper aisle at every store, I even returned to a Wal-Mart in hopes of finding maybe a younger sibling. But nothing called to me. There were only mere shadows of the relationship that I'd grown to have with my slippers. I would rather wear my slippers to threads than to wear some imitation.

And then, God smiled on me.

This morning I was at Big Lots after hearing that they now carried my favorite $1 make up, e.l.f. (total let down, but the way, the selection was depressing). As I perused the aisles, I saw a giant heap of discounted slippers. Because I am a glutton for punishment, I peeked through the discarded DearFoams and the nameless shapes that barely deserved the name "shoe", and somewhere in the middle of the wreckage I saw them. They were pink, like my shoes, but they had a pale orange inside. The fabric was nearly identical in fluffy cheapness, and the soles were the same, even sharing the flap of fabric on the heel meant to keep the slipper on but invariably just getting stepped into flatness. I had found My New Slippers.

And so, an era has passed.

As I type this, I have my new pink slippers on my feet and my old ones right beside me. It only seemed fitting to let them see this last tribute. I'm trying to think of a good way to keep them, without them sitting stale on my closet floor, a ghost of what they once were.

I'm thinking Shadow Box. With soft lighting. And maybe a candle.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday: Valentine Style

1. I am thankful for Valentines Day candy.

2. I am thankful for message hearts.

3. I am thankful that tomorrow I'll be hitting those Valentines sales like you wouldn't believe.

4. I am thankful for my two little Valentines. The kids can be irritating, but they are pretty sweet.

5. I am thankful for chocolate.

6. I am thankful for Russell Stovers Chocolate Covered Strawberry Marshmallow Hearts.

7. I am thankful for heart shaped boxes of chocolate.

8. I am thankful for giant Hershey Kisses.

9. I am thankful for cookies with red, pink, and white sprinkles.

10. Have I mentioned I'm feeling a little sugar craving today?

Happy Valentines Day!

tee hee

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tot Speak

In place of Tuesday Favorites (which I'll probably do tomorrow when I'm less exhausted), I'm giving you some delightful Tot quotes.


T: Mommy, I need breakfast.
UK: Just a sec Tot, I need to get Bubba.
T: Mommy, you obey me right now or you get poppin'!

(Instead, she got a poppin' for sassin' her momma.)


T: Mommy!!!
UK: What, Tot?
T: There are GINORMOUS effelents (elephants) in kitchen!!
UK: Okay, Tot.
T: Mommy You be careful, you understand me??


In Tot's room right as we were both nodding off for a nap, Tot is curled up next to me and patting my stomach.

T: (sighs) Mommy, I love your tummy.
UK: Um, thanks Tot.
T: (sighs) It's so....big.
UK: (sighs) Thanks, Tot.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Better Late Than Never, Right?

Today has completely flown by for me.

This morning I called our Doctor to try to get an appointment for Little David sometime this week, and Lo and Behold, they had an appointment at 10:40am. So, we finished breakfast, got ourselves ready and I talked to my mom for awhile and then we were out the door. You see, Little David has a horrible rash on his legs. It isn't contaigous, and has only started to spread up his legs and look a LOT worse this week. So I wanted to get him in there right away. Turns out, it's probably an allergy and we're taking him off of peanut butter (sigh. One of the only things he'll eat right now) and washing his clothes in that baby detergent. After this almost two hour appointment ( again, sigh.), we get home, have lunch and I got the kids down for naps. Tot was needing some persuasion, so I hopped in bed with her to calm her down and woke up two hours later. Yeah, there went my cleaning time. The rest of today has been spent being terribly unproductive by playing scramble on facebook, and cleaning like a madwoman in the thirty minutes before Dave got home.

So that's what I've done. I know, riveting. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something clever to write about :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Morning Snapshot

Tot's idea of a mid morning munch
Is also the size of two grown men's lunch.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thankful Thursday (with Update)

Good Morning! Well, for starters I'm thankful that the past two Thursdays have been pretty good and I haven't had to try too hard to be thankful. See? I'm changing. I'm growing.

10. I am thankful that next week I'm getting my hair cut. Woonanny, my hair is driving me bonkers. Need to get the shorty short back.

9. I am thankful that Tot has completely forgotten our conversation yesterday. Very, very, thankful.

8. I am thankful that from 12:00am until 6:00am I didn't move an inch and slept like the dead. Wonderful.

7. I am thankful that I've made it through Day One of giving chocolate up for Lent. Sigh.

6. I am thankful that my hot pink slippers that I've had for almost 10 years, are still in two pieces. My entire foot may stick out the front end and they may have little to no cushion in them anymore and they have certainly lost any aesthetic value, but they are still wearable. And I'm thankful for that. Oh the memories these slippers have...

5. I am thankful for Starbuck's Caramel Frappachinos. They are not as good as my Peppermint Java Chip Fraps, but they'll do in a can't-have-chocolate pinch.

4. I am thankful for Tot being hilarious. Seriously, I didn't know kids could be as funny as she is. This week she told me she had an invisible friend named "Grandpa". Grandpa is five, he lives at work with all the other people, he is blue and ginormous (her words). We had a near miss at Chick Fil A when we almost left him, but we got him in time. Whew.

3. I am thankful that Old Navy is under new creative direction and is coming out with new collections each month. New stuff coming in faster = old stuff going to clearance sooner = tons of bargains for The Unsinkable. It's a good world.

2. I am thankful for my church. It's just impossible to leave there in a bad mood. I went yesterday feeling quite grumpy, and came home full up on good chatting with friends and lots of hugs and kisses from my 2 year old class. That'll do the trick.

1. I am thankful for Dave, again, because he's my pal. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather go through the day-to-day with.

Update: Tot has just told me about a new invisible friend, Grandma. Grandma is three, and she is this tall, and she has black hair, just like Tot and I.

Apparently, we need to work on our colors more.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tot Speak

We've had an off day today, and a little bit earlier Tot and I had this frank exchange.

UK: Sorry Tot, I'm a bit grumpy today.
Tot: I habing a bad day too Mommy.
UK (without thinking): Sucks, huh?

Tot: Yeah, it sucks I'm habing a bad day.


Sigh. Yet another mark to chalk up on my "Proud Mothering Moments" chart.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Favorites: Matching Shoes Edition

Now, if I were truly a great blogger, or truly more dedicated, I would post pictures of each pair of shoes I'm about to talk about. Alas, I neither have the time nor want to do that, so you will all have to be content to see a picture of our bare feet (ignore my giant puffy ones, I was pregnant) and some links to shoes similar to what we have. I know you're disappointed.

Anyways, I love shoes. I love good, sturdy, not always good looking, dependable shoes (apparently, I also love commas. Has anyone else noticed the insane amount of them I just used? Ugh). I have way too many pairs of shoes that no one should ever wear out in public, but I do, and I do it often. Why? Because Dave and I have a penchant for matching shoes. I know, pathetic. Dave has the most horrible ability to pick out insanely comfy shoes and they always have girl sizes so I am compelled not only by the comfort but because i love to match him. Secretly, I think he likes it. So here, today, I pay homage to them (and my love of commas), with my favorite Matching Shoes. They are in no particular order, except that I've saved the best for last.

5. Keen Flip Flops (Black and Gray, and more mannish than the picture): Dave and I bought these shoes as a replacement for shoes I will talk about later, about a year ago. They have a toe cover (dorky, I know) and they have the best arch support you can imagine. I love them and I never worry about stubbing my toe, but the rest of my foot enjoys a breeze. Pretty strong.

4. Clark Wallabees (khaki): These aren't quite so ugly as some shoes that I own, but they certainly aren't the most girly thing, either. Dave bought these first and they looked so comfy, so cozy, so totally fallish, that I had to have a pair. They are indeed my go-to fall shoes and I've been matching him in these for the past 5 years. If you can stand the rubber sole (it takes some getting used to), I highly recommend you and your significant other start off a shoe matching thing with these.

3. Reef Flip Flops (tan and leather): Again, Dave and I bought these to replace our original matching shoes, but they fell woefully short. While still Reefs, the material on the sole ripped within weeks and gave us both blisters. We never returned them because we bought them in the Bahamas thinking it would be symbolic (which you will understand after reading number one) and we just can't bear to throw out meaningful shoes.

2. The Shoe That Has Yet To Be (unknown): I'm putting this in here, because we have all intentions of getting matching house shoes here pretty soon. We just haven't settled on a style or brand that we both like. The smart thing would be to just get our own, but for some reason that just doesn't hold as much appeal. I'll keep you posted on this. I know you'll wait with bated breath.

1. Reef Flip Flops (Black): These are my all time, no holds barred, shoes. Dave and I honeymooned on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We had an amazing time bopping around the island, totally relaxing, and looking around the shops. At one point, we stopped in some surf shop and Dave saw a stand of Reef flip flops. Now, upon first sight I thought these were the ugliest things ever. They weren't bad for guys, but they are completely devoid of anything remotely feminine. Dave bought a pair anyways, because apparently he doesn't care if his shoes are feminine or not, and he wore them the next few days non stop telling me at 5 minute intervals that I HAD to get a pair. At some point, I had to go outside and I slipped his shoes on really fast and BAM. I became a believer. I bought the exact same pair in my size the next day and we've worn them ever since. We're coming up on our 6th anniversary this May and we still wear our Reefs almost all year long. We've bought three pairs of matching flops since, thinking that the Reefs are on their last leg, and each time they keep on trucking. I am holding hope that they will never die, because they were our first matching thing and I can never wear them without thinking of Dave and our honeymoon.

Which is kindof weird.

Monday, February 04, 2008

So Tired.

Sorry about the lack of real post today. My most awesome sister in law took the Tot out for the afternoon while Little David took an unprecedented 3 1/2 hour nap and I took the opportunity to get a TON of stuff done. Vacuuming, dishes, laundry, pick up, cleaning kids rooms, etc. I was a crazy cleaning beast today. Then tonight, Dave and I started the first of our official training walks, where we walked three miles and jogged the downhill parts in mile two. It's a start. I'm thinking Thursday we will jog the downs in miles 1 and 2 and then move on from there. So, tonight I will be kicking back with a huge glass of water, a 100 Grand bar (can't take this healthy thing too seriously) and Dave and I will watch American Gladiator quarter finals. Strong.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Links of the Week

Tired of your messy house and closets of doom? Worried that if anyone comes over today to watch the Superbowl that they won't be able to see the TV through the dust, sticky finger prints, and crayon markings (I'm certainly not talking about my TV right now)? Well, fear no more.

I have for you in my hot little hands (head? fingers? keyboard?) some blogs and websites that will get you up in arms against the battle of the clutter bug - my mortal enemy.

The Lazy Organizer -

Organizing Junkie -

Clutter Control Freak -

Fly Lady -

The Savvy Organizer -

Enjoy! And I hope you all have a restful and worshipful Sunday!

(And yes, that is a picture of Link from Legend Of Zelda. Get it? Link of the Week. Har.)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Morning Snapshot

Little David has yet to meet
A yogurt that he would not eat.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Adventure Day: Pirate Style

As a Stay At Home Mom, you sometimes fall into the trap of assuming you can do a bazillion things because you aren't "working". The problem with that assumption is forgetting about the reason you are staying at home in the first place: You have kids. And kids and to-do lists are SO not compatible. Unfortunately, you can't really pitch either of them, so you have to find a way to keep the kids occupied and get your stuff done in the most efficient way possible. This past Monday I had quite a few errands to run and two very unwilling kids. I needed to go to the bank, to the grocery store, to the library and all the kids wanted to do was play at home. Tot went so far as to say "I want to STAY AT HOME. I do not WANT to go!!" Which is nice, because it means that your home is a good place to be, but when you have to do things that will keep you out of that home for a good two hours, you are kindof up a creek. Thus, the creation of "Adventure Day."

Getting as excited as I possibly could, I asked Tot if she wanted to go on an Adventure. "An Ahventoor?? YEAAAAAAA!!" I asked her how she felt about a Pirate Adventure. "Piwhat Ahventoor???? YEAAAAAA!!!"

I took that as a green light and 5 minutes later we had a plan.

Breakfast: Pirate Pancakes & Salty Dog Syrup
Clothing: Pirate Hats & Rain Coats
Equipment: Treasure Map.
Treasure Map Stops:
Pirate Piggy Bank - to pick up our Pirate Pennies
T-Arg-Et (Target) - to pick up our Pirate Provisions
Pirate Library - to pick up books on pirates
Pirate Park - to go on a treasure hunt.

Needless to say, the kids were geeked. So we loaded up the car after having our fill of Pirate Pancakes, and off we went, taking pictures of our stops (well, not the bank, I couldn't get a good picture of us in the drop off line).

After we got to TARGet (loving that, by the way), Tot kept ahold of the treasure map and directed us through the grocery shopping. We all know that pirates need their lunchables and goldfish, after all. The kids were exceptionally well behaved and while they weren't looking, I stopped into the dollar section and picked up some cute ink stamps to use for buried treasure.

After TARGet, we stopped at home to unload the groceries and have a quick Pirate Snack. We wouldn't want those tiny Pirates to go low blood sugar, now would we? But soon, we were once again loaded up and ready to go on a Great & Mighty Treasure Hunt. My first choice was the park behind our library, but WOO was it cold and windy. So, like the quick thinker I am, I took the kids to one of the trees in front of the library and discreetly hid the stamps in the mulch. I am a beast. Tot and Little David both scrounged around the mulch and found the stamps in record time and were suitably impressed at their Booty.

Then we went to the library and found scads of books and movies and then I left for home with two very tired Pirates. We had a nice warm lunch, and then I set Little David down for his nap, and let Tot play quietly in her room with her new found treasures.

And that was a mistake. I didn't get that stain off of her mouth and hands for at least 48 hours. Ugh.

Regardless, I got all my errands done in record time and the kids had a great day that the Tot is still talking about days later.

I'd say that's a pretty strong Adventure.