Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tot Speak

We've had an off day today, and a little bit earlier Tot and I had this frank exchange.

UK: Sorry Tot, I'm a bit grumpy today.
Tot: I habing a bad day too Mommy.
UK (without thinking): Sucks, huh?

Tot: Yeah, it sucks I'm habing a bad day.


Sigh. Yet another mark to chalk up on my "Proud Mothering Moments" chart.


Robin said...

It does suck having a bad day! Just don't say the cra word, your mom would hate that! hahaha
This brings back memories!

I find myself slipping with the sucks word in front of Hannah and Josh a lot and it is a word that my mom detests, almost as much as your mom with the cra I just put in my disclaimer afterwards and it makes it okay, right?! hahaha

Thanks for sharing your honesty with us!

Jen S said...

Too cute. Thanks for sharing!