Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tot Speak

In place of Tuesday Favorites (which I'll probably do tomorrow when I'm less exhausted), I'm giving you some delightful Tot quotes.


T: Mommy, I need breakfast.
UK: Just a sec Tot, I need to get Bubba.
T: Mommy, you obey me right now or you get poppin'!

(Instead, she got a poppin' for sassin' her momma.)


T: Mommy!!!
UK: What, Tot?
T: There are GINORMOUS effelents (elephants) in kitchen!!
UK: Okay, Tot.
T: Mommy You be careful, you understand me??


In Tot's room right as we were both nodding off for a nap, Tot is curled up next to me and patting my stomach.

T: (sighs) Mommy, I love your tummy.
UK: Um, thanks Tot.
T: (sighs) It's so....big.
UK: (sighs) Thanks, Tot.


Becky said...

heehee! don't you love the copycat days? and if she's into big bellies, send her my way!!

Robin said...

I love reading Tot Speak every time you write them! It makes me wish that we were close enough for our kids to grow up together!

Peyton was banging wooden blocks on our hard wood floors today and looked at me and said "Mommy, do I know better?" She wasn't really asking because she thought she was doing something wrong, she was just getting on to herself before I could!

Are you sure that we aren't really sisters? Our daughters are so much alike...I love it!

Jen said...

All I can say is Tot musta been reading my post about Wario.

I love the stuff these kids come up with!