Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Favorites: Matching Shoes Edition

Now, if I were truly a great blogger, or truly more dedicated, I would post pictures of each pair of shoes I'm about to talk about. Alas, I neither have the time nor want to do that, so you will all have to be content to see a picture of our bare feet (ignore my giant puffy ones, I was pregnant) and some links to shoes similar to what we have. I know you're disappointed.

Anyways, I love shoes. I love good, sturdy, not always good looking, dependable shoes (apparently, I also love commas. Has anyone else noticed the insane amount of them I just used? Ugh). I have way too many pairs of shoes that no one should ever wear out in public, but I do, and I do it often. Why? Because Dave and I have a penchant for matching shoes. I know, pathetic. Dave has the most horrible ability to pick out insanely comfy shoes and they always have girl sizes so I am compelled not only by the comfort but because i love to match him. Secretly, I think he likes it. So here, today, I pay homage to them (and my love of commas), with my favorite Matching Shoes. They are in no particular order, except that I've saved the best for last.

5. Keen Flip Flops (Black and Gray, and more mannish than the picture): Dave and I bought these shoes as a replacement for shoes I will talk about later, about a year ago. They have a toe cover (dorky, I know) and they have the best arch support you can imagine. I love them and I never worry about stubbing my toe, but the rest of my foot enjoys a breeze. Pretty strong.

4. Clark Wallabees (khaki): These aren't quite so ugly as some shoes that I own, but they certainly aren't the most girly thing, either. Dave bought these first and they looked so comfy, so cozy, so totally fallish, that I had to have a pair. They are indeed my go-to fall shoes and I've been matching him in these for the past 5 years. If you can stand the rubber sole (it takes some getting used to), I highly recommend you and your significant other start off a shoe matching thing with these.

3. Reef Flip Flops (tan and leather): Again, Dave and I bought these to replace our original matching shoes, but they fell woefully short. While still Reefs, the material on the sole ripped within weeks and gave us both blisters. We never returned them because we bought them in the Bahamas thinking it would be symbolic (which you will understand after reading number one) and we just can't bear to throw out meaningful shoes.

2. The Shoe That Has Yet To Be (unknown): I'm putting this in here, because we have all intentions of getting matching house shoes here pretty soon. We just haven't settled on a style or brand that we both like. The smart thing would be to just get our own, but for some reason that just doesn't hold as much appeal. I'll keep you posted on this. I know you'll wait with bated breath.

1. Reef Flip Flops (Black): These are my all time, no holds barred, shoes. Dave and I honeymooned on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We had an amazing time bopping around the island, totally relaxing, and looking around the shops. At one point, we stopped in some surf shop and Dave saw a stand of Reef flip flops. Now, upon first sight I thought these were the ugliest things ever. They weren't bad for guys, but they are completely devoid of anything remotely feminine. Dave bought a pair anyways, because apparently he doesn't care if his shoes are feminine or not, and he wore them the next few days non stop telling me at 5 minute intervals that I HAD to get a pair. At some point, I had to go outside and I slipped his shoes on really fast and BAM. I became a believer. I bought the exact same pair in my size the next day and we've worn them ever since. We're coming up on our 6th anniversary this May and we still wear our Reefs almost all year long. We've bought three pairs of matching flops since, thinking that the Reefs are on their last leg, and each time they keep on trucking. I am holding hope that they will never die, because they were our first matching thing and I can never wear them without thinking of Dave and our honeymoon.

Which is kindof weird.


Joanna S. said...

So I've totally become a "lurker" on your blog, but had to come out of the dark on this one, solely because you mentioned Keens. I love, Love, LOVE my Keens. They are close to the ugliest things on the planet (they're the black mary-jane style), but are seriously the most comfortable shoes I've ever had the pleasure of putting on my feet. That being said, keep up the good work! You keep me entertained while I "work" at my office. :)

Sarah said...

You and Dave crack me up.

Have you tried Crocs yet? I held out as long as I could, but everyone kept telling me how great they were and how incredibly comfortable they are. I balked because they're so dang ugly, but as you know, I caved and finally got a pair. And wouldn't you know it...they really are REALLY COMFY. Now if they'd just make them CUTE, we'd be in business.

Becky said...

yall are crazy! and btw, i have tagged you in a blog on my page!

Amy Lu said...


and the ones with furry liners....heaven.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

We almost got some, but Dave has bony feet and crocs rub them badly. I liked them enough to wear matching ones, but not enough to wear them by myself :)