Monday, March 03, 2008

Eek! I Can't Stop Myself!

Must. Buy. Bargains.

I got all of the stuff in this picture for 30 cents.

And dude, you better believe I paid in change.

That Caramel Cadbury Egg? It was 9 cents. The Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in some clear-ish color? That was 21 cents. The two bags of chips, the hair stuff, and the toothpaste were free, baby! Have I mentioned, perhaps recently, that I love me some free stuff? This time I got my deals mostly from observing my surroundings and getting a great tip from a friend. April pointed me to a deal online where I could get a bag of Flat Earth chips for free (go to their website, try to print the $1 off coupon, and it will direct you to sign up for their mailing list and then tell you to print, and you get a free bag instead of a $1 off - I got two :) ), then at the store I noticed some things on clearance that I happened to have coupons for - like the hair stuff was clearanced to 1.99 and I had two $2 off coupons. Score. Same thing with the toothpaste and the nail stuff. The cadbury egg was actually just a filler because at the end of the first transaction the store owed me 55 cents and they weren't too crazy about that. Also, I just love Cadbury.

Anyways, I just had to share. Again, I recognize the true gooberness of taking a picture of my findings, but DUDE! 30 cents for $23.50 worth of stuff!


LBC said...

The store owed you. That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

You are the Queen.

Jen S said...

When are you going to have your blog entry on how to do this? Great job on the bargains, though!