Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Full Disclosure: These Burgers Are Delicious.

Okay, since I've been gone so long (you know you missed me) I thought I would come back with a flare. A giant, burger shaped flare.

For those of you that don't know (and that would be most of you since this is a recent thing) I've become a BzzAgent. You get to try new products and then, if you like them, tell all your friends about them.

Well, my first thing to try was Chili's Smokehouse Bacon Burger.

Oh. My. Lanta.

This is perhaps the most delicious thing I've ever had, with the notable exception of M&M's & Diet Dr. Pepper (I mean, I can't lie.). There are a few different kinds, but the one Dave and I unanimously adore is the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger. It has it all: Bacon, Onion crunchy things, BEEF, cheese....sigh.

You all remember our Eureka & Pizza date night, right? Well, it's turned into Biggest Loser & Bacon Burger date night. There is something uniquely satisfying in eating a hugely giant burger while watching other people run. But anyways, this has started to be an almost weekly occurance, which I'm sure isn't healthy, but I CAN'T RESIST THE BACON. It's thick, it's sugary, and it's freakishly yummy. What's an Unsinkable to do? Add in chips and chili queso and I'm done. I'm not leaving the couch for decades, friends.

But anyways, I knew that once I tried these and found they were delicious that I couldn't just eat this burger and never tell my closet friends about it. I mean, that would be selfish. And also, I got to try these burgers for free (FREE!) and you all know my recent fascination with all stuff free. And even more also, you know that I would never tell you to try them without throwing myself under the experimental bus first. It was a hard road, but one does what one can.

So there you go, basically I dare you to eat the burger and not like it.


Calamity Jean said...

Yay your back!! I loved the comment on watching people run. It was fun to see you at the wedding.

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

tell me more about the BzzAgent thing

Emily said...

I just signed up to be a BzzzAgent. I'm excited! I've been doing surveys for a few months now and am loving it and this even looks more fun than that!

Emily said...

Oh, and the burgers look fabulous, too. Next time I got to Chilis I'll give one a try, I'm always looking for something new and yummy to ear there!

Amy Lu said...

those fried onion things...O.M.G! I hate onions but these things are amazing.