Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, Monday.

Okay, I have about forty billion posts swirling around in my head right now and I just haven't had the time to spit them all out. So, here they are in bullet form. If you'd like to hear more, let me know.

1. We are rearranging our room and it looks much better.
2. Dave quit his job and we're very, very happy with the decision.
3. Little David can crawl out of his crib (which, after a multitude of action/reaction things, made us rearrange our room).
4. Tot can climb to the tip top shelf in her closet. You know, the one above the hangers.
5. I got some crazy awesome new lip stain/gloss for free at CVS.
6. I leave for my Dad's wedding in 3 weeks (yes, both of my parents will have gotten re-married in a 6 month spread. It's incredible that I don't need therapy.) and I think Little David and I will have a great time.
7. Tot has become quite the "arteest" and I will be posting pictures of her creations soon.
8. Why am I not posting each week about The Biggest Loser?? I love that show.
9. That whole "no tv, less internet break" thing? Totally didn't do it. I mean, I cut way back on TV and I cut way back on the internet, but mostly I just didn't blog. Wouldn't you know, all this fun stuff happened and now I don't have the energy to do it justice! Ah well, I'm sure I can scrounge up some full sized posts for you this week.
10. I have ten, Ten, loads of laundry to get through today. When I take a break, dude, I take a break.


amber said...

Hey girl! I have been trying to leave a comment on Dave's blog but haven't been able to. Just wanted to know I have been thinking/praying for you all daily. I am praying for peace/relaxation/direction...and most of all I will say it again...PEACE. Nothing feels better than knowing you are in the Lord's Will!

thinking of your family,


Becky said...

10 loads. that deserves a strong.

Robin said...

I think I have about 9 loads...sorted it out this morning...race you to the finish?! hahaha yeah right, you would blow me out of the water!

I can't believe that your dad is getting remarried too! Have a good and safe trip. I am sure that Little David will love playing with Brandon's 3.

thirtycentcircus said...

I so love the Biggest Loser...I can't believe Brittney got kicked off and that they brough Mark back, I can't stand him or his beard!!!!! I'm all in it for sweet Kelly, the girl deserves a break! Can I bring over my laundry? :)

Katrina said...

I can totally relate to some of this...the 10 loads of laundry, trying to cut back on tv and internet time! :)

Thanks for stopping over at my blog. You have a cute blog and I meant to check it out after you commented at mine, but my youngest as a double ear infection. guess thats one way to cut down on internet :)