Monday, March 31, 2008


Sorry about the horrendous lack of posting, friends. This is probably going to be the last week that Dave is home and I have been soaking in the family time. For the most part, we've had a pretty good month. Yes, MONTH! I can hardly believe that this is Dave's fourth week home. We haven't been able to see each other this much since the first year we were married.

So, in short, this is how we've spent the month: we had to take the ducks to the lake as our town doesn't allow ducks as pets, Little David moved into a big boy bed, we bough a little paddle pool for the kids (yes, in Texas we swim in March!), we picked paint colors for all the bedrooms (purple for Tot, yellow for LD and gray-blue for us, in case you were interested), I stripped the wallpaper off in the entryway (something I've been dying to do since we moved in), we've all taken turns being sick (Me, then Tot with 3 successive 102.5 + fevers, Little Dave with a wee cold and now David with a major sick coming through), we started mowing season, had easter fun with Mom & Tim, cleaned the house top to bottom after leaving it messy for three weeks, rearranged our master bedroom, caught up on seasons 1 - 2 of Grey's Anatomy (okay, that was just me), walked to the library a lot, went to brunch at the Worthington in downtown Fort Worth, visited a lot of parks, and got lots of free stuff that I haven't taken a picture of.

So, yeah, it's been a good month.

Oh wait? You wanted pictures?? Why, yes, I think I can oblige.

Actually, I can't. Blogger is being a pain in my heiny and you'll just have to wait. I know, I know. Your day is ruined.


Cash Girlz said...

lucky,that you get to swim in march we have to wait untill june and since we are in a beach house sortof and their is a pool in the back it would be fun to jump into the pool evan though it is cold. so we jumped into the pool and, well we each took turns jumping in patrick, karen, colleen, then me and it was like jumping into a big glass of ice water. oh it was burr... supetr cold so right after we jumped in we ran into the hot tub ahh it felt so good. so I guess we in a way we did swim in march

The Aubrinator said...

So what's the scoop on Dave? Did he find a new place to work he'll like better?