Friday, April 18, 2008

Frugal Friday

Oh, the grocery deals were sweet this week. Here are the stats, yo.

Manufacturers Coupon Savings: $44.54
Bonus Coupon Savings (where Kroger doubles/triples a coupon): $1.15
Kroger Plus Card Savings: $17.33
Total Savings: $63.02 (57%)

All totaled, I got $111.10 worth of groceries for $48.08. Not too shabby for Kristen! Oh, and that includes diapers for both kids - Squee!

And the sweetest deal?

I got all of that for a $1.50!! Strong.


Josh and Kimberly said...

Seriously?!? You are my idol!! Have I mentioned how much I love that you take pictures of your groceries??

Kristen said...

Don't know if you ever need prescriptions or not, but I have to get something filled every month and I take it to Kroger. If you save those coupons for new or transferred prescriptions for CVS, Albertsons, etc. for $25, $30 gift cards they will honor it thus saving you more in groceries. I love it!

rene said...

hey!! I don't know you but I was snooping on Robin's page and found your blog... I LOOOVE IT!!! It lets me know that I am a normal stay at home mom when my house isn't spotless and my precious children sometimes get on my nerves!! thank you! You ARE that hero!!