Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Need Your Hairpinion.

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and I need my internet peeps to give me a good (honest) opinion on the cut I'm pretty sure I'm going to get.


1. Cute cut?
2. Would it look okay without the blonde parts?
3. Will I look dorky?

Please - honest opinion :)


Tracey Clem said...

I think it's a great cut! I'm jealous...makes me want to cut all my hair off too!

April Spicer said...

It's definitely cute. Seems like you'd have to "do" it constantly though.....because if it didn't have any product in it and it was just combed straight, might look kinda funny. Not sure though. This is coming from someone who has had the same hair for 20 years.

Amy Lu said...

Very cute....If you want the blonde parts Sun-In is like $3 at the drugstore....and if you look dorky - It's hair! It will grow out! :)

Life's short...Cut Hair.

Anonymous said...

Well Kristen...no matter what you do...you'll still be beautiful!!

Tiffany said...

You've gone the shorty-short route before, so if you don't like it, you can probably just adapt it to a style you do like.

I'm excited to see the pictures! You are so much braver than I'll ever be...

jlired said...

oh my goodness i love it!!! are you going to do the dark parts too? you totally have to.
i'm doing the same thing in a couple of weeks but will have katie holmes' new do...which means goodbye 13in & hello sweet freedom...we can give eachother moral hairsupport

Diana Richards said...

I am not a shorty-short kinda gal, but I LOVE this...I think it will look great even without the blonde parts-definitely do it!

Becky said...

when you go piecy...you need highlights. subtle will do the trick.

Jennifer said...

I think it would look best with some type of coloring contrast...adorable cut (that I could NEVER pull off and wouldn't even try with my round face) that I think will look fantastic on you, but might be a little weird with one color of hair all over. And I agree with April - looks like a "fix it up" do. Can't wait to see it on you!