Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Master Bedroom, Part Deux

Whew!! Okay, so I completely didn't realize (again) my proclivity towards never doing laundry. Seriously. You wouldn't believe how many loads of clothes I have washed and dried and folded and put away in the last day. Thank heavens for TV, right? Anyways, I managed to drag myself through it all and I'm quite pleased with the end product. Here is what the room looked like before, fresh from my arrival from Charleston (Note the gigantor suitcase):

And here is what a managed to carve out from underneath that mess:

Now I can get behind that. Today, on the Spring Cleaning Schedule, is Little David's room. This shouldn't be hard at all seeing as his room is almost completely empty. Now that he is sleeping in a big boy bed, we are trying to let him adjust without having a roomful of junk to get into. The major obstacle will be the closet. Sigh. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Again, feel free to join me, k?

(Ps - The Living Room is still clean!! Here's for trying to keep the Living Room and the Master Bedroom clean :) )


Nicole McIntyre said...

Go you! You've inspired me to work on my bedroom. I try realllllly hard to keep the house clean during the week, but your wonders with some baby wipes and small children are getting me off my duff to scrub the fridge and thin out the pantry. Stuff that never seems to get done.

Diana Richards said...

Wow...that is amazing! You've inspired me to look at my bedroom, and sigh, then walk into the kitchen and eat some cake! :) Good luck with the closet!