Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You Down With T-O-T? Yeah, You Know Me.

Three and a half?? Are you kidding me?? Well, I'm about a month late there (so, technically, she is 3 and 7/12ths, but whatever), but it's been forever since I've done a Stats, Yo post on the kids so Tot is getting hers now and Little David will gets his when he turns (sob!) two in a month and a half.

Anyways, here are the Stats, Yo:

Weight: 38 lbs.
Height: a little over three feet
Shoe Size: 9 (kids, otherwise she would look like she was on skis)

Eating: Unlike when she was a baby, I can't really force Tot to eat anymore. This has both advantages and disadvantages. I like that I don't have to spoon feed her, that's convenient, and I like that she doesn't make as much of a mess when eating anymore. However, now it's pretty much up to her on how much she eats and how much of that is good food. I can provide all the good stuff on her plate, but I can't really make her chew up carrots, you know? Luckily, she's not an uber picky eater and she'll even branch out into veggies now and then. She munches up fruit like a champ (no lie, yesterday she ate almost half a pound of strawberries when I wasn't looking) and nibbles around the other food groups. Favorite Foods? Chicken Nuggets, Strawberries, Oranges, Dipping Sauces, and Goldfish Crackers.

Well, you knew from my previous post about Tot's Secret Bed that I wasn't going to be a fount of good sleep news. Tot sleeps, at the best, okay. We are back to taking naps (thank You, Lord) a few times a week since we pushed her bedtime back to 8 - 8:30 pm from 7pm (when Little David goes down). She has quiet time in her room (with puzzles, books or a movie) from 7pm until 8ish, and then she goes to the bathroom and gets her bedtime milk and usually goes to sleep pretty easily (usually. This routine can go out the window faster than you can say IWANNAWATCHMORESLEEPINGDEWTY!). Most nights she sleeps through the night, but a few times a week she wakes up with nightmares, boredom, or hunger. On these nights it takes forever to get her back to sleep and most of the time she winds up in our room. She wakes up about 7am, and will snuggle and watch cartoons until we want to get up as well. Nap time is about 2pm, and it can be either "rest time" or an actual nap. Favorite Bedtime Things? Her Grumpy Bear stuffed animal, Dora the Explorer Pillow, and no pajamas. That's right, we have a noodie boodie sleeper.

Milestones: POTTY TRAINING!!! Oh yes, friends, we're almost there. Tot has currently been in Big Girl Panties (sorry, Sarah Tiffany, I know you hate that word) for about four days now, and has been staying dry in her pull-up for about a week and a half. I hate to say she's technically Potty Trained because we still have to remind her to go. I don't consider it really potty trained if the parent is the one initiating all the visits. That's being Parent Trained. So, we're working on that, but for the first time I think she really understands what we're talking about and is capable of doing it. Woohoo! I can't tell you how glad I'll be when I am only buying diapers for one kid. Sigh. Good times.

In other milestones, Tot has started to "practice school" as she calls it. Each day after Little David goes down for nap, Tot and I go to the kitchen table and we practice writing her name, learning a letter, and doing some readiness skills like tracing, comparisons, and like, such as. Then we send some one some mail, by letter or by ecard, and we play a computer game. Next we do a craft or something, and then I read her a book and she goes down for naptime. This routine varies by the day and the moods we are in, but that's the basic set up. I've noticed her attitude and behavior changing for the much much greater since we've been spending more concentrated one on one time together. Thank goodness. Favorite Activities? Drawing pictures, sending mail, playing PlayDoh, and jump rope.

Here are some pictures of the Tot since this past January. I know nothing is as boring as pictures of someone else's kid, but if you love me but at all, tell me how stinking adorable this Tot is :)

Can't decide if this is a picture of how big Tot is compared to our (then) new dog, Foxy, or how small she is compared to our giant dog, Bear.

And the "Seriously, Mom?" looks start already.

Could she be any cuter??


I'm not sure why she's feeling me up, but it's funny so I'll let it pass.

Can you see how I'm using my hand to force her to look at the camera? Nothing says "Mom and Daughter fun on the train picture" like a vulcan death grip on the neck.

No drama here, folks. Straight up realism all the way.

I just love her face here.

Tot and her pal, Noah. I'm sorry, but could they be more twinsie?

Finally! A picture where she looks like me. Whew.


Tiffany said...

SO CUTE! My goodness -- I imagine that Dave has got to be dreading the teenage years already. Congratulations on all of your big milestones. What a big Tot!

Sarah said...

Hey wait a second! I'm not the "Panties" hater...I thought that was YOU!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I thought it was you! I don't prefer it, but think it's hilarious when attached to "Big Girl" :)

Sarah said...

That would be Typh that is the hater. I refer you to CTT March 5.

Tiffany said...

Yep. I'm the hater.

Cynthia said...

Well... I'm her NANA and I think that Big Girl Panties rock! I am sitting in some BGP's right now and might I say... the hot pink looks chic. If the "p" word bothers you....well, the alternative (underwear) is alittle too "man-ish" for my tot.

Sorry ladies. Just embrace the panty.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

The mistake has been corrected Friends.

Also, I can not believe my Mom just told you to "embrace the panty". I think I just died a little laughing.

Sarah said...

Wow. Embrace the panty. That's got to be on a t-shirt or bumper sticker or SOMETHING.

Tiffany said...

Seriously -- nice slogan, Unsinkable Mom! Too bad I will be summarily rejecting it.

I much prefer "Underpahnts." (The British accent reflected in that spelling is essential fo rthe entire effect.)