Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Favorites: Apron Edition

Okay, so I should be doing Thankful Thursday today, and by no means am I unthankful, but I am so entranced by aprons that I just can't talk about anything else. Here are the ones I'm currently dying over (click on the pictures to go to the makers website):

I love the full aprons. I've been making a lot of bread lately and I was astounded, astounded, at how clean I stayed when I remembered to put on an apron. I realize this isn't exactly new potatoes or anything, but I was pretty pleased with myself. I like this particular apron because of how wide the straps are. For heavy gals a wide drop cloth can not be overrated.

Um...precious. While not quite as practical as a full apron, these halfsies are lots of fun to wear and, seriously, loving the pockets. I actually have a half apron on right now (that I got for $2.50 at target!) and I've been stashing stuff in the pockets all day long. Blistex, cell phone, you know, anything you'd normally put in...well... all those other pockets you have. But these pockets are loose and on the front! Totally different.

Of all the aprons I'm showing you today, I want this one the most. I mean, how cute! I love the colors, I love the pattern. Except, therein squats the toad. This is just a pattern. And reader friends, The Unsinkable can do tons of things. I read, I bake, I emote all over the place, but I can. not. sew. Or anything even resembling sewing. So, unless one of you totally rad readers wants to get this pattern and these exact fabrics and suprise me with this very apron on my birthday (ahem...September 4th...cough.) then I'll just settle with loving it from afar. Or wearing another apron I guess.

Again, halfsies aprons are adorable. And again, I love the pocket. Let me not forget to press upon you the total usefulness of these pockets. Stop rolling your eyes, I'm totally serious!! I love these things and I can never get to the bottom of my jeans pockets (maybe my pants are just too tight...hmmm...) and these are just so easy. And again, adorable. Who doesn't feel all feminine and homemakery in one?!

I can't really say much else about this apron that I haven't already said. So I'll say it yet again, this time in acrostic form:

Pockets. Plenty of fabric options. Practical.
Really nice to not get junk on your clothes.
Only the cutest things ever!
Never again will I cook, do dishes, or laundry without one!

Go and get thee an apron! Or tell me where you got your favorite one :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday

Well, despite not posting in like forever, and being sick as two dogs, I actually have been doing pretty well in keeping up our Family Bible Time. The kids have been responding really well to it and I've been enjoying it so much. It's a great way to begin the day, I just have to remember to do it right after breakfast or their attention is completely lost.

So far, Tot has memorized two verses:

"Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is good" Ephesians 6:1
"Do everything without grumbling or complaining" Philippians 2:14.

I'm pretty impressed with her memorization skills. She's picking it up much, much faster than I anticipated and Dave and I agreed that we're going to start hitting the memory verses a little harder now that we know she can do it. It's also been an incredible discipline tool. Whenever Tot disobeys (which is so very often) we sit her down and have her say the first verse, then tell us how she disobeyed. Then we tell her what behavior we expect out of her, then we have her repeat the next verse and explain to us what it means. I have to get a video up of her doing it, too too cute. However, the camera is broken and in Best Buy's hands, hoping to get fixed.

But anyways, I think next weeks verse is going to be "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son. That whoever believes in him will not die, but have eternal life." John 3:16. I know that's kindof a long one, but it's also relatively important. So far we've just done verses pertaining to behavior and I'd like her to start learning the why's of how we believe, you know?

So that's been our Family Bible Time. I've seen all of us doing a little better with our attitudes as we try to help Tot remember her verses. It reminds us, as well, and I'm glad for it.

How are you all doing with your habits?

For more Smart Habit Saturday go to The Lazy Organizer!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sick, sick, sick.

Ugh. We'll just say that I lost five pounds in 24 hours. I may post later, but now I'm going to rest some more.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What We Did On Our Anniversary Day Away: Seis-es, Baby!

1. Got upgraded to a suite (a suite!) at the Hilton - complete with a GIANT tub that when sat in came up to your shoulders - Strong.

2. Shopped a ridiculous amount. Got Dave new work clothes and me some good house clothes. Found white tshirts at Old Navy for $1.99! I bought three. Found the perfect pair of jeans. We each bought a pair.

3. Bought me a bikini that no one but the kids will ever see, but it's time the whale belly got some sun. Also bought a video game thing that hooks up to your TV and lets you play 111 old video games like Mario Brothers. Talked about staying in the hotel and ordering pizza and playing Mario brothers all night. Decided we were too old for that, but then decided that it was totally on the card for next weekend.

4. Saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It has full frontal male nudity. Four times. You would think the reviews would mention that.

5. Made vow to not watch R rated movies anymore. Still felt icky so afterwards we...

6. Saw Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - It was AWESOME. My favorite part was the giant water guy, Dave's favorite part was when the giant bear waved at the end.

7. Pretended we were in Venice while walking around. Commented on the poor driving of the gondoliers. Also that it seemed to have been renovated.

8. Pledged to have six publicly awkward kisses and only got three. One was really bad and made the waiter scurry away. I also wanted to scurry away. Dave laughed.

9. Sat on the balcony (balcony!) the next morning and chatted while Dave smoked the cigar he bought on our anniversary last year.

10. Talked about what we wanted to do next year and realized we are now officially in our 7th year of being married. Talked about buying matching shoes to commemorate the event, but decided we are still enjoying our Keens. Talked about how our marriage was still pretty rock star and that we really wanted to go to Hawaii next year. Saw a mullet and snickered. Talked about how no one ever finds this as funny as we do.

All in all, I can say we had yet another perfect anniversary. Nothing better than hanging out with your best pal in the world with no plans and only good times ahead. Next up... Sietes, Baby!

Happy 6th Anniversary, David!!

Six of the most fun years evah.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yes, this is what I woke up to at 7am this morning.

This is her leg.

This is her belly button. Her belly button. You couldn't imagine the amount of nail polish in here.

This is Tot's face when she told me she did it because she "needed to be decorated for Nana".


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bless Her Heart

She's in the express line at the grocery store in her oldest, rattiest yoga pants. She has on a tshirt with holes and a few unidentifiable stains, and her hair is pulled back in a headband or some other assortment of non matching clips. There is desperation in her eyes.

As the line moves ever slowly, her impatience begins to show. The foot begins to tap. The lip begins to curl. You hear her breathing start to get fairly rapid and you wonder if she is going to have an aneurysm while the teenaged boy scans items slower than anyone thought possible upon joining the 10 items or less line. After a few more minutes there is some mild cursing. After a few more minutes, the cursing isn't so mild, but at least she's still muttering them under her breath. You are thankful you don't have the kids with you.

Finally, finally, it's her turn. And as she unloads her items from her cart, there is a sudden break in the clouds, and you know what's wrong. The little teenaged boy notices the specific nature of the purchases, too, and it's as if a speed heretofore unknown takes over his hands and each item flies by the scanner without a hint of a retry. Two one-pound bag of M&M's...Diet Dr. Pepper...Movie Theater popcorn...Midol...two boxes of box of box of pads...back heating patches....

Here's to you, brazenly PMSing girl...we hope you get the relief you need.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Irony, Thy Name Is Green Bean.

I am sitting here almost force feeding my kids green beans. Why? Because they live on a steady diet of chicken nuggets, fries, goldfish crackers and various forms of fruit. At one point they ate vegetables, but that time has long since past. I realize that I could have it much worse, however, the total lack of any non-fried vegetable in their diet is starting to get to me. I don't want to have one of those kids that refuses to eat vegetables through adulthood and never knows the power of a crunchy stir fry.

Thus, I went to Kroger and filled my cart with an assortment of small canned vegetables. I know that fresh would taste better, but while my mind may contain high ideas of growing my own veggies in a lovely picketed garden, I'm also a whole lotta lazy. So, with a pantry full of green beans, peas, carrots, corn and some other thing I can't remember, I began my quest.

This evening Tot and Little David were driving my bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. What had started out as a beautifully lazy day, was winding down into a directly-disobeying-spankings-flying night. So I popped on my Unsinkable Mommy hat, and pinned the kids in the hall to their rooms with a baby gate. I told them that we were playing restaurant and while I, the cook, made dinner they needed to play. Tot, of course, wanted to order. She ordered Chicken Nuggets (suprise.) and I said that tonights specialty was Tasty Tasty Mac and Cheese. With squeals of glee at having such an exotic dinner, the kids fled into their rooms. Well, at least until they bugged me every five minutes asking when dinner was served.

Taking this as a sign that they might be adventurous tonight, I added on to their plates some pineapples and some green beans. When the kids were seated ("This way, Madam Tot. This way, Monsieur Bubba.") I told them that their side dishes were Pineapple Delight and Buttery, Bacony, Beans. I let each one squirt a little butter and drop a pinch of bacon bits on to the green beans. Dude, I was in like Flynn.


Apparently, no amount of calorie free butter and faux bacon bits will disguise the fact that a green bean is, in fact, a green bean. So, I resorted to out and out Because I Said So. "If you eat two green beans, I will give you some more Mac and Cheese. Tot, quit licking the green bean. Tot, seriously, knock it off. Just put the thing in your mouth and start eating. Taylor Dawn Chapman, you stop messing around and eat that bean Because I Said So!".

I'm pretty sure that I have yet to instill that intrinsic love of vegetables.

But Unsinkable, you say, where is the irony you spoke of in the title? Well, dear readers, I'm afraid it's less irony and more hypocrisy because I hate, hate, green beans. I will not eat them, no matter who serves them and how impolite I am being by not eating them. I will put them on my plate, but they won't touch any of the rest of my food. They are nasty little beans soaked in green evil. And no, butter and bacon do nothing to mask the taste of evil.

And so, tonight I find myself force feeding my Tot the very bean I have come to loathe in the name of giving her good life long eating habits. I'm pretty sure that instead I have just sent her to Vegetable Therapy.

It's 11:41am...

and I am in my jammies. We haven't had breakfast, we haven't left the couch. All Dave, the kids, and I have done today is watch TV and snuggle and I anticipate doing not much else today. I think I'm having carry over awesomeness from Mother's Day.


Update: It is now 2:10pm and my status remains unchanged (except for the children being asleep and my belly being full of Papa Johns breadsticks).

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Am From...

I am from corn in every direction and Ricker Pops on the way to school. I am from Cream of Wheat out of a coffee cup handed to me by my Pappaw and from milk served out of a milk bottle handed to me by my mother every Saturday morning .

I am from several houses on several streets, in several cities, in several states. But I am really from Indiana and the house with the pool. I am from playing basketball on the driveway and from trees that grow tall and change colors in the fall. From state parks that have Indian burial mounds and the sound of marching bands on the breeze. I am from gray skies from September until May.

I am from the Grile Pew and from the church of Christ. I am from baptism by immersion and grace by faith and works. I am from Dick and Margaret, Jean and Harvey, Dean and Cynthia. I am from strong marriages built on love and friendship. I am from Steven Banks Home Entertainment Center and a strict moral compass. I am from laughing until it hurts and telling the truth no matter what.

I am from Ham Salad made with whatever is left in the fridge and from homemade yeast rolls. I am from fights over the cherry pie and from lessons about how to create a home. I am from comfort, not style.

I am from "They're family, it's just what you do" and "If you pick it, it won't heal".

I am from the grandmother who can spot a deal at forty paces and who knows the Bible back to front, from the grandfather who works slow and steady and is utterly dependable in every circumstance, from the grandmother who designs websites and is never without the wisest of words, and from the grandfather who is the utmost man of God. I am from a family that loves unconditionally.

I am from slides shown on a projector at family gatherings of other family gatherings, from genealogies full of men and women of faith, and from the Daughters of the Confederacy and Daughters of the Revolution. I am from women who stay strong and faithful, from men who stand firm through trial, and from children that grow up knowing the mighty works of the Lord.

I am from a foundation of rock, no matter the speed of the winds around me.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Who's Doing The Happy Dance?

Dave got a job, Dave got a job, Dave got a job, hey hey hey hey!

I'm know that I mentioned a few weeks back that Dave got a job, however, as of today it's completely, totally, have-a-start-date real. Whee!

I haven't blogged much about this, mostly because it would be in poor form for a potential employer to somehow find this blog (I know, I'm reaching, but still) and me be talking all about everything. So, I'm still not going to say where he is employed, but I will say we are completely thrilled. Dave will be a "Sales Specialist" and will be selling disk storage to CEO's in the Midwest and on the West Coast. It will require much more traveling than we are used to (so be prepared to hear me whining some) but the salary is awesome and the job will be a good challenge for David. He starts May 19th (the day after our anniversary), which means we have two more weeks of our charmed little existence before the harsh realities of having an actual job set in. I'm glad we'll have the transition time and some time to prepare, because, goodness, I have got to get my game face on. Let's just say that the past two months I've definitely accepted any and all help Dave offered and now I'm totally not used to doing anything by myself.

Anyways, we're just sitting here so very grateful and just knowing that God has taken such good care of us. We are very, very blessed to have this opportunity and are just so thankful.


Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco, Cinco de Mayo

To get the full effect of that title, you will need to sing it to the tune of Copacabana. There, wasn't that funnier?

Anyways, Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of you. Today, I thought it would be fun to make an event out of the holiday and so we did. This morning we all hopped into the car and ran off to Michael's (which Tot calls "the crap store", I know she's trying to say "craft" so I don't get all offended) to grab some red and green tissue paper and other accoutrements. While at Michael's, I thought that it would be fun to have some nacho's for lunch, even though I had already planned to make Taco Salad tonight. So, after a brief stop at Kohl's to look for David some shorts, we ran over to Kroger and got some chips, some more cheese, and I found a great deal on taco shells, so we got those, too. By this point, the kids were going a little nuts (they can really only handle one or two errands at once), but we still needed to pick up the guacamole fixin's at the farmers market.

So, we're at the last stop and the kids enter full on melt down. We make our way slowly home (I swear a 20 minute drive with screaming kids feels like twelve hours) and Dave begins to make the salsa and guac while I start crafting with the kids. Utter chaos. Tot wanted to cut up all my stuff, Little David wanted simply to cut anything, I was tired of all the whining and just wanted to have a little craft time with my children, not the children of the corn. Sigh. After a little yelling, a little spanking, and a little chip-feeding, all of us were feeling much better and the crafting resumed.

I cut out some cute little flags from the tissue paper and Tot and Little David made tissue paper flowers and made a birthday card for our friend, April, who's birthday just happens to be today. Then we made some cute little suns out of yellow and orange triangles and paper plates and hung those up on the other wall (no picture, but just imagine the cut and paste beauty), completing our festive little kitchen.

While we crafted, Dave made some insanely delicious salsa and guac and some double decker nachos. YUM. All I can say is that I'm lucky to have a husband who will play along with me when I get a wild hair to celebrate a holiday that he doesn't really care about. I mean, really, the man even donned a cowboy hat (a nod to the Texas Mexicans) and put on a song called "Gringo Honeymoon" while we ate. Strong.

All through lunch Tot kept saying "Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody!" Too cute. Currently, the kids are napping and Dave is at the batting cages preparing for his game tonight and I am going to rest before rounds two and three of our celebration. After naps we're going to: go to the library to get some spanish books, watch an episode of Dora the Explorer (like we wouldn't anyways), make maracas, and then make tacos & taco salad for dinner. Round three comes after the kids go to bed, then Dave and I will be making margaritas and watching Zorro :)

Happy Cinco de Mayo Everybody!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday: Family Bible Time

Well, April is over and so is my attempt to ever do laundry again (I wish). Actually, I did pretty good this week and worked on the laundry at least some every day. As a super bonus, I began to teach Tot how to help me with her laundry and I think that will go much easier now. She helped me put clothes into her drawers and hang her shirts up on hangers - pretty sweet!

For May's habit I've chosen to work on having Family Bible Time. I've talked about this before, not in depth or anything, but it's something I've been working on, on and off, for awhile now and I really want to make this a habit. For the past few days this has been what we do:

(the rest of this we do while we're still at the table and the opportunities for distraction are smaller)
*Read a Psalm (for May we'll read the one that corresponds to the date)
*Memory Verse (for the moment, we're doing Ephesians 6:1)
*Sing two fun songs ("This Is The Day" and "Jesus Loves Me"
*Sing one hymn ("Our God, He Is Alive" - I want them to learn the older songs, and this one tells the story of Jesus so very well)
*Prayer (Tot prays, I help Little David pray, then I pray, and if Dave is home then he prays)

And then we're done! I have to tell you, it's been a pretty great part of my day. Tot is doing excellent at the memory verse and they are learning the songs very well. We're still working on staying still while we read the bible, but I figured that is a learned skill. To help in that, I got Tot's little bible and put Post It tabs on the Psalm we're reading and on her memory verse. Then, I can tell her to open her Bible to the green tab and she can pretend to read with us. I know that I would probably have better luck with a devotional geared to younger kids, but I really want them to learn to go to the Bible first and to not always depend on man's words about the Bible.

Anyways, so that's my habit this month! If you'd like to join me, hop on over to The Lazy Organizer!

Friday, May 02, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

By my own personal McSteamy, my David. Who could resist?

What Was I Doing Ten Years Ago:

I was graduating from High School a year early because I didn't feel at home in Michigan (having grown up in Indiana) and I was ready to leave. I got my drivers license that summer and then started David Lipscomb University as a 16 year old. I felt oh-so grown up and sophisticated, but unfortunately no guy would come within ten feet of me because I was basically jail bait. My parents were very happy about that.

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:

1. Fold laundry.
2. Go swimming outback with Tot, Little David, and Noah. Hopefully get a little tan.
3. Sort through some papers that are on, under, and stuffed inside my desk.
4. Pick up two aprons from Michaels for an art project for Tot & David.
5. Grocery Shop

5 Places I Have Traveled:

1. Ontario & Quebec, Canada
2. Mexico
3. England
4. Ireland
5. Bahamas

5 Snacks Or Treats I Enjoy:

1. DDP (for the uninitiated - Diet Dr. Pepper)
2. M&M's
3. Twizzlers
4. Chips & Queso & Ranch
5. Junior Mints

What Would I Do If I Were A Billionaire:

Tithe, pay off all of our debt, pay off family debt, save for retirement & kids college, donate to church & other charities we're involved with now, get myself a fancy new purse, get Dave a fancy new toy.

Places I've Lived:

Anderson, Indiana
Searcy, Arkansas
Gladstone, Missouri
Lafayette, Indiana
Chelsea, Michigan
Gregory, Michigan
Nashville, Tennessee
Greensboro, North Carolina
Arlington, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Watauga, Texas

Jobs I've Had:

Sandwich Artist, Subway
Hostess, Olive Garden
Hostess, The Big Ragoo
Car Hop, Sonic
Ice Cream Something or Other, Dairy Queen
Library Assistant, David Lipscomb Library
Resident Assistant, Shores Hall, Harding University
Art Director, Anderson City Parks Department
Head Cook, Stevens Ranch (Girl Scouts)
Secretary, Southlake Blvd. Church

5 People I'm Tagging:

Scott/Cheryl (whichever of you has time to do this)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This is what I'm thankful for today, my Rock Star Tot. :)