Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Am From...

I am from corn in every direction and Ricker Pops on the way to school. I am from Cream of Wheat out of a coffee cup handed to me by my Pappaw and from milk served out of a milk bottle handed to me by my mother every Saturday morning .

I am from several houses on several streets, in several cities, in several states. But I am really from Indiana and the house with the pool. I am from playing basketball on the driveway and from trees that grow tall and change colors in the fall. From state parks that have Indian burial mounds and the sound of marching bands on the breeze. I am from gray skies from September until May.

I am from the Grile Pew and from the church of Christ. I am from baptism by immersion and grace by faith and works. I am from Dick and Margaret, Jean and Harvey, Dean and Cynthia. I am from strong marriages built on love and friendship. I am from Steven Banks Home Entertainment Center and a strict moral compass. I am from laughing until it hurts and telling the truth no matter what.

I am from Ham Salad made with whatever is left in the fridge and from homemade yeast rolls. I am from fights over the cherry pie and from lessons about how to create a home. I am from comfort, not style.

I am from "They're family, it's just what you do" and "If you pick it, it won't heal".

I am from the grandmother who can spot a deal at forty paces and who knows the Bible back to front, from the grandfather who works slow and steady and is utterly dependable in every circumstance, from the grandmother who designs websites and is never without the wisest of words, and from the grandfather who is the utmost man of God. I am from a family that loves unconditionally.

I am from slides shown on a projector at family gatherings of other family gatherings, from genealogies full of men and women of faith, and from the Daughters of the Confederacy and Daughters of the Revolution. I am from women who stay strong and faithful, from men who stand firm through trial, and from children that grow up knowing the mighty works of the Lord.

I am from a foundation of rock, no matter the speed of the winds around me.


Amy Lu said...

I'm lost, is this a mad lib?

Unsinkable Kristen said...

No, it's like that 100 Things About Me list. It's not really a format, just another way to tell people about yourself. I've seen a few other people do it, and everyone does it differently.

thirtycentcircus said...

Long live the Daughters of the Confederacy and Daughters of the Revolution...sister! I really hate to admit the amount of DAR galas, parties, banquets, and "functions" my grandmother drug me to as a child and a "young lady". But now looking back it was a special time, a time that I got to spend with her being taught about my family heritage and history. Even if it was all hottie tottie, it was fun! Lord knows you'd never find me there now... I enjoyed your too had your own pew, I guess that's a global church of christ thing :)

Robin said...

I can't wait to have lunch with you and Brandy on Friday. Anything in particular that you would like brought down from good 'ol IN?