Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Favorites: Apron Edition

Okay, so I should be doing Thankful Thursday today, and by no means am I unthankful, but I am so entranced by aprons that I just can't talk about anything else. Here are the ones I'm currently dying over (click on the pictures to go to the makers website):

I love the full aprons. I've been making a lot of bread lately and I was astounded, astounded, at how clean I stayed when I remembered to put on an apron. I realize this isn't exactly new potatoes or anything, but I was pretty pleased with myself. I like this particular apron because of how wide the straps are. For heavy gals a wide drop cloth can not be overrated.

Um...precious. While not quite as practical as a full apron, these halfsies are lots of fun to wear and, seriously, loving the pockets. I actually have a half apron on right now (that I got for $2.50 at target!) and I've been stashing stuff in the pockets all day long. Blistex, cell phone, you know, anything you'd normally put in...well... all those other pockets you have. But these pockets are loose and on the front! Totally different.

Of all the aprons I'm showing you today, I want this one the most. I mean, how cute! I love the colors, I love the pattern. Except, therein squats the toad. This is just a pattern. And reader friends, The Unsinkable can do tons of things. I read, I bake, I emote all over the place, but I can. not. sew. Or anything even resembling sewing. So, unless one of you totally rad readers wants to get this pattern and these exact fabrics and suprise me with this very apron on my birthday (ahem...September 4th...cough.) then I'll just settle with loving it from afar. Or wearing another apron I guess.

Again, halfsies aprons are adorable. And again, I love the pocket. Let me not forget to press upon you the total usefulness of these pockets. Stop rolling your eyes, I'm totally serious!! I love these things and I can never get to the bottom of my jeans pockets (maybe my pants are just too tight...hmmm...) and these are just so easy. And again, adorable. Who doesn't feel all feminine and homemakery in one?!

I can't really say much else about this apron that I haven't already said. So I'll say it yet again, this time in acrostic form:

Pockets. Plenty of fabric options. Practical.
Really nice to not get junk on your clothes.
Only the cutest things ever!
Never again will I cook, do dishes, or laundry without one!

Go and get thee an apron! Or tell me where you got your favorite one :)


Nicole McIntyre said...

I love the red one! That one might inspire me to brush up on my pseudo-sewing skills!

Lyndsay said...

I agree that the red one ROCKS. That would make my normal everyday jeans and a t-shirt cute.
I live in a apron too. I get a lot of funny comments about it too. I don't have one that I love but I'm having Sylvia make me one. My husband just bought me a KitchenAid stand mixer and I told him I HAVE to have a cute apron to go with it. ;0)

Amy Lu said...
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Those Brumley Boys said...

My name is Jane and I have become your internet buddy through someone else's blog. She sent a link from your hidden bed post (I LOVE that idea, btw!)
I guess I have been reading your blog for a month or two now and your writing style is fantastic - thanks for inspiring & entertaining!
Well...I say all that to say this...I know how to sew. I can't promise you anything at the moment. We are waiting for our house to sell and then we will be moving ASAP.
You said that the red apron was a pattern. Can you send info and I can take a peek?
Jane Brumley
Enid, OK

The Garrett's said...

Kristen you are so funny. You might have just inspired me to start apron wearing. They are adorably home-makey, aren't they? Does it make chores more fun, because it looks like it would? Let's get together sometime soon!

Cash Girlz said...

hey kristen or should I say June. Do you wear the high heels and dress while vacumming too? Just kidding. I think they are cute and having something fun to wear might just make those chores a little more fun. I am now free for the summer and have turned my attention to my house and chores so any inspiration is appreciated.
Love to all.