Sunday, May 18, 2008

What We Did On Our Anniversary Day Away: Seis-es, Baby!

1. Got upgraded to a suite (a suite!) at the Hilton - complete with a GIANT tub that when sat in came up to your shoulders - Strong.

2. Shopped a ridiculous amount. Got Dave new work clothes and me some good house clothes. Found white tshirts at Old Navy for $1.99! I bought three. Found the perfect pair of jeans. We each bought a pair.

3. Bought me a bikini that no one but the kids will ever see, but it's time the whale belly got some sun. Also bought a video game thing that hooks up to your TV and lets you play 111 old video games like Mario Brothers. Talked about staying in the hotel and ordering pizza and playing Mario brothers all night. Decided we were too old for that, but then decided that it was totally on the card for next weekend.

4. Saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It has full frontal male nudity. Four times. You would think the reviews would mention that.

5. Made vow to not watch R rated movies anymore. Still felt icky so afterwards we...

6. Saw Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - It was AWESOME. My favorite part was the giant water guy, Dave's favorite part was when the giant bear waved at the end.

7. Pretended we were in Venice while walking around. Commented on the poor driving of the gondoliers. Also that it seemed to have been renovated.

8. Pledged to have six publicly awkward kisses and only got three. One was really bad and made the waiter scurry away. I also wanted to scurry away. Dave laughed.

9. Sat on the balcony (balcony!) the next morning and chatted while Dave smoked the cigar he bought on our anniversary last year.

10. Talked about what we wanted to do next year and realized we are now officially in our 7th year of being married. Talked about buying matching shoes to commemorate the event, but decided we are still enjoying our Keens. Talked about how our marriage was still pretty rock star and that we really wanted to go to Hawaii next year. Saw a mullet and snickered. Talked about how no one ever finds this as funny as we do.

All in all, I can say we had yet another perfect anniversary. Nothing better than hanging out with your best pal in the world with no plans and only good times ahead. Next up... Sietes, Baby!


The Aubrinator said...

Sounds totally fun, Kristen!! Happy Anniversary.

amber said...

So glad you all had a great both deserve it!


Tiffany said...

What a wonderful time! I am so happy you all were able to enjoy such a great weekend -- and six full years -- together!

Amy Lu said...

I liked the bear too. Did you think that the squrirrel should have been voiced by Steve Carrel??