Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Who's Doing The Happy Dance?

Dave got a job, Dave got a job, Dave got a job, hey hey hey hey!

I'm know that I mentioned a few weeks back that Dave got a job, however, as of today it's completely, totally, have-a-start-date real. Whee!

I haven't blogged much about this, mostly because it would be in poor form for a potential employer to somehow find this blog (I know, I'm reaching, but still) and me be talking all about everything. So, I'm still not going to say where he is employed, but I will say we are completely thrilled. Dave will be a "Sales Specialist" and will be selling disk storage to CEO's in the Midwest and on the West Coast. It will require much more traveling than we are used to (so be prepared to hear me whining some) but the salary is awesome and the job will be a good challenge for David. He starts May 19th (the day after our anniversary), which means we have two more weeks of our charmed little existence before the harsh realities of having an actual job set in. I'm glad we'll have the transition time and some time to prepare, because, goodness, I have got to get my game face on. Let's just say that the past two months I've definitely accepted any and all help Dave offered and now I'm totally not used to doing anything by myself.

Anyways, we're just sitting here so very grateful and just knowing that God has taken such good care of us. We are very, very blessed to have this opportunity and are just so thankful.


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Tiffany said...

Happy dance from Tallahassee!