Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Almost Heaven....West Virgina

I'm sitting here at my computer looking at Weather Bug (Which, by the way, does not make my computer run any slower. My computer is already slow. Weather Bug just adds to the general malaise.) and all I can think about is that if it's this hot, I should be somewhere else.

It's actually not that hot, it's only 92 out and I can expect it to be regularly in the triple digits before summer is over. That's just Texas and honestly you get used to it. But instead of just going with the stuffy flow, I'm sitting here dreaming about moving.

And where do I want to move? Out. I just want to move out. Out where I don't have to get on a major interstate to get across town, out where I don't have to deal with bumper to bumper traffic to get to a friends house, out where there are trees older than 15 years old and out where Crapemyrtles aren't the only form of floral stimuli. I would like to see some giant trees, some pine trees, some trees that change color in the fall. I would like to see some hills, heck, even some mountains. And I would like to look out of my window and not see my five neighbors (we have a wide back yard).

It's not that I don't like Texas, I mean, I really do. I love getting caught up in the state fanfare and the over sized pride at all things Texan. It's fun to be a part of a consciousness so big and loud that the whole country knows who you are, but sometimes I just want some quiet. I think I want to move to a meeker state. I would like to have a little scenery and some places to take my kids where there aren't fifteen jillion other people. I would like to not be in walking distance of a Target, a Starbucks, a Chili's, a Home Depot, two other national grocery store chains and a myriad of various and sundry independent shops that sell gourmet popcorn and embroidery.

And so, I sit here at my computer and gaze at a map of the US and try to think where I would move to if I could, in fact, move. Making it realistic is half of the fun, so I try to keep in mind how easily we could visit family and how expensive plane tickets and real estate are there. Dave's job has made our options a lot larger since he now works from home and only needs high speed internet and access to an airport to work. I suppose we could actually just move somewhere else in Texas, but that doesn't sound quite as adventurous and it would still be hot.

Colorado was first up, since Dave has family there and there are mountains there. I get on and search the 3 - 4 bedroom homes in random towns and find that, shocker, Colorado is expensive. Apparently, when anyone else wants to get out of the Big City they, too, first think of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. And so, with a sad farewell to Frisco and Crested Butte (insert butt joke here), I moved on.

My next thought was Utah since it's beautiful and in the same mountain range, but the pluses end there as I am not Morman and we are looking for a place with lots of church options. Also, we know no one that currently lives there (with the exception of some terribly awesome bloggers, whom I don't actually know), only people that used to live there. So long, Soldier Summit.

I reluctantly decided that maybe I should look at the Appalachian Mountains because while they aren't as visually impressive as the Rockies, we have a ton of friends and family scattered all over that region and visiting wouldn't be too hard. I looked at Georgia (still too hot), I looked at North Carolina (been there, done that), I looked at Virginia and Kentucky and Tennessee....and then it hit me. West Virgina!!

West Virgina is situated quite nicely between most of our friends and family, while still offering us a degree of autonomy and newness. There are many mature trees there, I've heard, and if we pick the right spot we can get ourselves a view of the mountains. They have recreations of civil war battles, which just lights up my little history major's heart, and they have actual seasons. They even have a John Denver song. There are churches there, there are airports there (ish), and there is high speed internet. Property is nowhere near as expensive as it is in Colorado, and Dave's boss is just a stone's throw from there (i.e. Virgina). I've even found us a house in our price range that I can currently schedule a viewing for anytime this week.

And so, I have decided that we are moving to West Virginia. I have informed Dave and he has rolled his eyes and acquiesced.

Author's Note: Don't worry Mom, we aren't actually moving to West Virginia. I am highly aware of everyone who would beat us if we attempted to leave the state for no other reason than to find Mature Trees and a Starbucks not in walking distance.


Diana Richards said...

While you would never be able to truly move due to all the sabotaging from unmentioned people, what a lovely dream. I'd move there too, I think! (if I weren't so busy sabotaging your move of course) What a nice get-away-blog! Thanks for the brain break! It was lovely until I looked outside and saw the plastic on my lawn chairs melting next to my 1 and a half year old ash tree! :)

Random Ramblings From The Heart of Momma Chris said...

Seattle is a wonderful place........yes it rains but you have access to the ocean, rainforests, and gotta love those mountains......i have those daydreams all the time...esp during these wonderful "cool" texas summers!!!

Cynthia said...

whew! Your momma's heart just about stopped. I FINALLY get to Texas only to have you decide NOW is the time to get itchy feet.

Have I told you that Tim and I have considered Alaska? Maybe we should see if we can find a side-by-side cabin duplex. Anchorage should have a decent airport and there are mountains and trees.

From Texas to Alaska - a mother/daughter saga. Hum, I think we could sell the idea to some publisher, don't you? :)

Love ya... itchy feet and all.

J. Canterbury said...

I have some, rather extensive, experience in north central and some of the mountainous counties in WV. It's where I broke into the TV business.

Did you have a specific area in WV upon which you might cast your dreams?

taralynn819 said...

I just found a new favorite blog! Not sure if you'll get this comment this, an older post, but I meandered over here from MSM's blog. Oh hail, Chick-fil-A!

It was West Virginia that spiked my interest, as my husband is from there. And we hear ya. It would be a great place to settle...if there were little things like JOBS. (And I don't mean coal mining or car collecting.) We're in Maryland so we get to WV every few months or so...a 7-8 hour drive but it is getting more expensive, obviously.

Oh, but if you're a phone person, don't count on cell phone reception. We kind of like the tnechnological disconnect when we go there because my husband grew up literally in the backwoods of WV and our phones die once we hit the mountain.

We can't figure out where to live either, him being from WV and I'm from MN, and it is way too pricy to buy a house here in Maryland. So we're looking too...

I'm Tara...nice to meet you! You really have a fun way of writing and I connect with it.