Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am sure you were all waiting on pins and needles, but I am here to tell you the wait is over! I have finally, finally, finished Spring Cleaning Tot's Room. And yes, it has taken since April. We started with this:

And now we have this:

Tot's room has been a thorn in my side since she was born. I have never been able to pick a "theme" and complete it. Instead, I buy a bedspread or curtains or something and plan to creatively base the rest of the room around it. The problem comes when six months later I realize that I am in no way creative and I have to start all over because Tot has "decorated" or "cut up" or "demolished" whatever piece I had decided to base the room around anyways.

This time, however, I gave myself a deadline and used the phrase "Just Do It" as my mantra. I looked online for a few weeks for a bed set I liked and then picked one. Then I waited for the economic stimulus check to come in and bought all of the bedding, curtains, paint and paint supplies. Then I scheduled a night for Tot to spend at her grandparents and away I painted! And I have to say, doing it all in one fell swoop is a heck of a lot easier and more fun than doing it in tiny bits and feeling like the thing will never get finished (ala my kids bathroom that stayed half painted for almost 6 months).

Tot is very pleased with her new digs and told me I was her best mom ever and, as of 5 minutes ago, has not destroyed anything in there. Which is nice.

(Oh, and do remind me to show you her closet. It's organized. Seriously! I can actually find stuff in there!)


Jen said...

Great job Kristen........can you come and do my kids' rooms now?

Jennifer said...

Um, love it. You're a rock star.

Nicole McIntyre said...

What a super cute room! I love the bedspread, just right for the Tot. I may be calling for advice when I start transitioning Braedon to a big boy bed and room.